The Twilight Saga

I Team Jacob!
I love Taylor!
But you?

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I can't decide on this though. Since they both have different characteristics. However Edward is perfect. Dont cha wish all boys are just like Edward?? LOL. :P
I am sooooo team Edward! but my daughter is team Jacob, causes a lot of rukus when we are playing the New Moon Board game, its great!!
Edward is perfect, a romantic YAY
JACOB ALL THE WAY!!!!! ahhhh that sexy lil werewolf does it for me lol
Wow, how many responses did u get from asking one simple question???

I can't help it but swing both ways, depending on my mood....

If I'm feeling romantic then Team Edward...***sigh***
If I'm feeling like a rough tumble in the woods, then Team Jacob ***grins***
LMAO! i love your comment lizzie! i feel the exact same way! lol
Team Switzerland!!

Edward's Kisses *swoon*
Jacob's Playfulness *Yay! Fun!*

((Not that Edward's kissing isn't fun lol :) ))


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