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i have to admit, i bought twilight and new moon board games ($29.99) from Big W yesterday just to try figure out what scenes they will be showing in new moon. they are showing edward in a cabin while he's trying to stay away from bella, there's afew scenes of victoria, everyone knows about the volturi and the birthday scenes from the trailers...and they've actually kept alot of lines from the book. i'm quite impressed.
Its also a really fun game. -if you have someone that knows as much about twilight as you do- I recommend everyone heading out to big w and getting them.

on another topic...
who's making an event of the midnight premiere? I'm having a bunch of people over to play the board game and watch twilight before heading off to watch new moon. i'm tempted to make decorations and twilight themed food. hahaha

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what big w did u go to i live in qld and everywhere i go they are sold out of twilight and new moon i searched for three days to find the journals i spent more in fuel lol it was worth it
haha how annoying! i live in perth so, i went to a big w here. try ringing up all the stores you can get to or ask them to order you one in. they might be nice enough lol.
i've seen the twilight board game but not the new moon one. when is the midnight premiere?
Thursday November 19th. but its kinda on like wednesday night-thursday morning. (not thursday night-friday morning which is what i thought at first.. it took me about 5 minutes to figure it out hahaha)


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