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Hey guys, just interested to see how many of you prefer the book to the movie? Personally the movie missed a lot for me but believe NM is going to be fantastic. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the film after I got over my grief of what was missed I still went to see it 8 times at the cinema.

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I loved the book and the movie. Although I am always a little disappointed when movies change from the book. I know the screenwriters do their best to keep it true to form but for me, twilight was better as a book. I guess my imagination is better than the directors but it is good to have the movie to make sure that my vision of Edward (rob) stays the same. Let's face it , I just can't get enough of watching him or the sound of that voice.
I prefer Twilight the book to the movie. I have Twilight on Blu Ray and have watched it many times. I think that New Moon is going to be closer to the book than Twilight was (well I am hoping it is anyway).
i watched the dvd first but i think the book was way better. alot more information alot more riveting. It was amazing.
I was hooked in the first chapter.
I have to agree with Sami, I totally love the books and I am a HUGE Edward/Bella fan but I just didn't feel it in either of the films - In fact IF I had not read the books I KNOW I would be a Jacob/Bella fan.

After seeing New Moon last night I had to re read the 14 wonderful chapters of Midnight Sun again today to help me realise Edward's love for Bella all over again.

In saying that, I also own the Twilight DVD and can't wait to but the New Moon one too...I am just hooked :-)
Id have to say the movie, i had a go at my mum when i found out she bought the movie and watched it every night for a whole week, "dont tell me u have jumped on the twilight band wagon to mum" "trust me watch it" turns out im the fanatic now not her! next day i went to the shops and bought all four books, hadnt read a book in years and now ive read all 4 a few times. There are scenes that i wish were in the movie but at the end of the day the books cant be cramed into one movie especially twilight and thats the shortest book! I think rob play the part extremely well, i couldnt imagine anyone else playing Edward as well as him!
I agree Rob is perfect.


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