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Hey guys, just interested to see how many of you prefer the book to the movie? Personally the movie missed a lot for me but believe NM is going to be fantastic. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the film after I got over my grief of what was missed I still went to see it 8 times at the cinema.

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what? you have seen the New Moon already?
No but going by the trailers and the Movie companion I think it will be better than Twilight.
Book, definitely!!

I am a big Twilight fan, and yes I bought the DVD....but I have to say (hides behind the couch so you can't throw things at me)...I thought the movie wasn't that great. I just didn't really feel the love develop between Edward and Bella in the movie. I didn't really like the scenes with Bella and Charlie in the cafe, as well as some others and I thought they missed some really good bits from the book. There were quite a few things I didn't like about the movie, but in saying that, I thought all the actors did a great job and I they were all perfect for the roles they did...(and of course Rob made a majorly HOT Edward).

I also think that the New Moon movie will be ALOT better.

Anyway, despite my feelings on the Twilight movie, I am still excited to see it on the night before New Moon is released because I was a bit late to the whole Twilight thing and never saw it at the movies!

Not long now!
yeah hey Suzi i hate when the lines are altered
I saw the movie (Twilight) first - it was good enough for me to go and buy all four books the next week and I was converted to a fan immediately!! The movie can only touch at the depths the book gets to, and it does deviate somewhat, but it DOES touch the depths of the story, there IS chemistry between the leads and it DOES leave you wanting more. So, I guess they're complimentary!
I think i like the book better, but i loved the movie...but it did lack. NM is going to be better i personally think
I loved the books due to it had more details but I loved the movie as well. I can't wait to see the new moon. I doubt I will be disappointed.
Book for me as well but this movie New Moon is going to rock
hi all i saw the twilight movie back in january with only reading a small article in the paper on rob, i really enjoyed the movie and had to go out and find the books, and of course had them all read in under a week, but the book is better you get more from all the descriptions and thoughts that often cant be translated onto the big screen, but i think we are going to enjoy new moon! not long now!!!
i saw the movie first and didn't like it that much at first. But friends recommended me to read the books. and when i did, i fell in love with the whole series! yeah so it's the book for me. the movie was pretty good though :)
I read all the books before I saw Twilight movie. This is the first series of books I haven't been bored with and I read each of them in a couple of days. I do prefer the books only because when reading you picture the characters looking a certain way and you imagine the way they interact together with your own imagination so the emotions I got reading the book were a lot stronger so the movie's for me won't really match that.

I have seen Twilight and then read the books again and now I just picture the actors when reading.Twilight was really well done, the actors they chose are great actors and the soundtrack- awesome! New Moon trailers look fantastic. I'm looking forward to this Wednesday midnight screening and seeing a lot more bare chests!!!
I read Twilight before I saw the movie, and the book absolutely hooked me in. I will admit that I hated the movie the first time I saw it, so continued to read the other 3 books instead of watching the movie again. After finishing all 4 books, I watched the movie for a second time and started to really like it. The DVD is now sitting in my DVD player and I have it playing just about every afternoon! I still prefer the book, but for a quick fix the DVD works just aswell provided I clear my mind of what the movie is missing and how it seems to be all muddled up. Bring on New Moon, I need a new fix!


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