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Hi Twilighters, I would like to hear from anyone who went to the Twilight tour in Brissy or Sydney on the 10th & 11th of Oct.... I loved the stars they were excellent!!! friendly & very funny, but the event itself was so disorganized...we when to Brissy (travelled 3 hrs by car to catch the plane and then a 2 hour flight) We arrived at 8am so we when straight to the event...there was noooo food or drinks whatsoever available, not even water, none of the organisers could even tell us where we could get anything except maybe, 4 blocks or so over in the mall.. We did eventually find something closer but could not get lunch there as they had not been notified about the event and where not prepared for 2 or 300 people in the 1/2 hour break.... prior to the event we contacted the hub and were assured there would be exclusive merchandise for sale & that Clarissa had just got back from the US with heaps of goodies..But there was nothing there that is not readily available through online store or ebay, there were also no raffles,prizes as advertise, which was all very dissapointing..the photo's available for signing where again nothing special & some where fan made, low dpi web downloads... I could go on & on & on.....As the event organizers had lack of knowledge concerning several twilight issues, the advertised costume designer although very nice, was not any of the things they portrayed him to be & Lee Safar is deffinately not on the New moon sound track and never was to be... so yes I feel ripped off by the Hub!!!! please let me know how your day went..again I just loved the actors and can't wait for New Moon!!! go team Jacob
Love & twilight to all

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I felt pretty much the same, and I only travelled a few kms by car. I thought $80 was a lot to pay when none of the major actors where there - so am glad I decided against a $500 ticket. The staff weren't that helpful and I wasn't tempted to buy anything on offer.
Am glad I tried on the good doctor's coat and that I now know Christopher Heyerdahl is SOOO funny I would pay to see him do stand-up comedy. I wonder if I'll be able to take the character of Marcus seriously when I know he's offset keeping cool with an elephant-shaped battery-driven fan.
The Hub Productions - must do better next time!!!
I have to agree - the Hub would have trouble organising an 8 year olds birthday party. It would have been nice to even have water within a 500 mt walk. I felt the Hub were only interested in collecting our $$$$ and not at all interested in us (the fans).

Who expected to spend all day in the auditorium watching old utube clips we have all seen 1000 times? The day began late and finished early and the Q&A sessions were cut short. But despite the Hub...

I really enjoyed the day and the time with the Actors. The Q&A time was great, (even if they did cut the time short). Christopher Heyerdahl was so funny, I also would pay to see him do stand up. I may have to become Team Volturi after this - Christopher, Cameron and Charlie were very cool, funny and way better looking out of costume!!!

I think I will save up for one of the Twilight Tours in the US next year. At $260 for a Gold weekend pass it will probably end up costing about the same and I'd get a whole week end of Twilight!!!
Jus out of curiosity which actors where there?
Hi, Chaske Spenser~Sam, Tinsel Korey~Emily, Cameron Bright~Alex, Charlie Bewley~Demitri & Christopher Heyerdahl~Marcus.The cast was great, really friendly and Charlie & Christopher were very funny!!! I would definately go see all or any of them again....Just really really poor organizing!!!!!
WOW...What does this mean????
Hi, I know it's been a while since you posted but I am new to this site and just read this. I only knew about it that morning because they had an interview with Chaske & Christopher on TV and I had something else planned. I would have loved to have met Chaske Spencer -hot hot hot!! How did you find out about it as I didn't see any advertising for it?
Hi Rebecca, Just through internet searches!! We're always on the lookout for anything new & Twilight, I'll be sure to post anything like this on here next time.. The cast have heaps of New Moon promo tours happening at the moment but we haven't heard of anything for Australia as yet..but fingers crossed:) they will be coming, if we hear anything we will let you know. Also join Twilight Addictions on Facebook they let you know some good stuff and they also have a store in Australia!! Chaske is deffinatly HOT HOT HOT!! and was really nice & down to earth:)


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