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Vampire Academy :)
Im wondering how many of you have read Vampire Academy Series? I have just finished the 4th book which was the last released in Australia about a week ago. I wondering what everyone thinks of the series? Im loving it and think ill have to wait till next year for the next book. Has it been released in the U.S or somewhere else? Im dying to know what happens. Maybe someone could post it to me if they have it. If you havent read the series i highly reccomend it.
Vampire Academy
Richelle Mead
Vampire Academy
Shadow Kiss
Blood Promise

Hope you all enjoy these books as much as i have.


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hey i have read it and i cant wait for the next book..2010 is too far away!!! i read some awesome fan fics though! they are really good!
Fanfic based on Vampire Academy? I havent found any! Or other fanifcs on the site. Im reading a few at the moment. But cant realy take them with me places hahaha
We had to remove them from the Library shelves. Apparently not suitable for a catholic school
Is your school from the 1950's?
Yeah i can understand that! Its prob better for older teens and deff not for a Catholic school. Did you get to read them?
I have not read this series but i have read The House of Night. It is quite good, but for older teens. Although it's no Twilight!
There are 5 books in the series so far.
Who is the author of the series so i can find it. Going crazy with nothing to read! hahaha
P.C & Kristin Cast are the authors, they are awesome books :) and there are now 6 books in the series. think im gunna go crazy waiting till next year for another book to come out. Another author i recommend is Claudia Gray, there are 2 books in her series they are Evernight and Stargazer, REALLY GREAT books!! Its seems every time i read a new series about vampires they all have a different spin on how vampires are, yet they are all unputdownable. If your looking for something out of the vampire theme then i recommend Aprilynne Pike's Wings, the second book in that series doesn't come out till March next yeear tho so if you want to wait till next year to buy that one it would probably be better as this book leaves you wanting more.
My best friend got me into the books recently, I read the first book and then went out and bought all four. In one week ive read the first three and im currently reading Blood Promise. I love them already :D
I've read all the Vampire Academy books. I agree they are absolutely fantastic, they are a close second to Twilight for me. I wish they would make movies or a tv series about them.
I sincerley hope that they DO NOT drag this into a movie or tv show. Directors, film makers and money making movie bosses, are just in it for the glory and the big would truley ruin a fantastic series of books! Yes i know that a lot of people will disagree with me, and thats there opinion, but some books are just better books!
Yeah i have already read the Mortal Instruments. Loved the series but i feel like it was left unfinished, room for another book how it ended with Jace and Clary. Also the fact that Seb's body was never found. I hope they write another one.

Im running out of books to read. I would love suggestions.
I have already read thr following series
Twilight (obvously)
Mortal Instruments
Vampire Academy
and am currently reading Magic Study.
(book 2 to poison study) book about witch craft)

I would love suggestions on books i can get into. Im running out of things to read hahahaha
I also have House of Night for when i finish these books but then what!? I cant survive on fanfics. If anyone wants to suggest something please help me. Book title and Author be great as well as what its about maybe! Thanks so much...
Jenni xoxoxoxox


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