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hey, has anyone seen the show vampire diaries? it has so much in common with twilight and apparently the books for this show were written first, they even have a dig at twilight in one episode! im not sure what to think about it. if anyone else watches it let me know what u think :) thanx. also i need some friends too, cheers!

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When did they have a dig at twilight.. I don't like the show much maybe because they are trying to hard to be like twilight.
the "bad" vamp was telling his gf that they are real vampires cause they "dont sparkle the like this edward guy does " whilst hes reading the book. im not sure about it either but i cant help but watch it!
You obviously don't realise that the Vampire Diaries series was written well before Twilight and in fact Stephenie Meyer has acknowledged she's a fan of the books.
Hey There,
Yeah I watch Vampire Diaries because I seem to be obsessed with all things vampires at the moment. It is Ok, but I don't LOVE it. It doesn't have the same appeal to me as Twilight, but I might actually get the books to read them because in all honesty, while I love the cast (and everyone...please don't yell at me)...I didn't think the movie Twilight was that crash hot. *runs and hides*. I mean I loved the books, but when I finally saw the movie I was a bit disappointed...although I think New Moon will be alot better. So I will probably give reading the Vampire Diaries a go. If nothing is worth watching every week to see the New Moon trailer and to see Rob saying "the wait is over".....YUM!
I love Vampire Diaries.
I have read all of the books and it is soo different from Twilight.
i havent read vampire diaries yet. have been trying to watch the series but havent managed to do tht either. i would probaly compare it to twilight! LOL!
yep i know that is so cool that u watch it 2
I watch the vampire diaries and currently reading the books which are very different to the actual show. The show is good and I've enjoyed the first 5 shows its totally different to Twilight.
I love it, I wish people would stop comparing it to twilight they have completely different story lines. Although I do think it was a but immature of vampire diaries to take a dig at twilight in episode 4. I only joined a couple of days ago and would love some friends too.


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