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Anyone catch the Vampire Diaries on GO! Was it as captivating as Twilight, whats everyones opinions????

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I was'nt really concentrating after the trailer. watching it again now. I can't say Il'm loving it. maybe too soapy!
I like the bad brother. He is cute ( if you want an older person's opinion on what she thinks is hot!)
(For shame)!!!!
It must be an older person thing ... I thought the bad brother was the best ... the others seemed a bit saccharine sweet!
I agree, Damon is hot! I've always had a thing for Bad Boys!
Yeah I caught the replay last night, I wasn't overly enthused by it, it seemed to be a cross between Twilight (even having very similar lines in some places) & Buffy!
I saw a bit of it last night too ... and it had elements of Twilight in it ... the music and some of the lines reminded me of it ...

Before Twilight I had no interest in vampires and basicually avoided these types of movies/literature, but since then it has changed. I had a momentary glimpse of it last night ... though it must have been about vampires ... it was something about the lighting and the music ... and then proceeded to watch it. I would not have done this 6 months ago!
i thought it was pretty good. it was on channel NINE too on mondays.hmm. just a personal thought : twilight saga should be made into series too instead of movies!
I think that is a good suggestion. at least we may have not had to wait so long between subsequent editions, as the waiting and the continual barrage of stuff (some of it really questionable), in the media about the actors and the movie, is lessening the experience
I've seen it, it's OK but Twilight is better. The next episode is on tomorrow night. Can't wait to see it.
I'm addicted too, each episode really leaves you waiting for the next one...
Salvatore is my favourite, he's so sweet. Damon nearly had me when he was in elaina's bedroom watching her adoringly as she slept. When a guy/vampire has that look of absolute love in his eye, there is nothing sexier!!!
Then he lost it, but my Salvatore has still got it....
Does anybody know which is the first book from Vampire Diaries? Saw some books in the shops the other day, but from the blurb, it was much further into the story than where the TV show is up to.
I can't watch it. Maybe coz it's just not Twilight.
I like the TV series, but I have also read the series and its nothing like the tv show. I enjoyed both of them.


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