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How cool is it that we all get to see NEW MOON first.You have to love australia

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We totally deserve it though...coz last we didn't get to see it till the 11th of December! (well at least my state didn't)....

Also we are like 12 hours ahead of USA, so even if NM was released in US, on the 19th....we would see it before them :)

Already booked my tix...

4:30, 19/11/09
The Twilight Saga: New Moon,
Cinema 2
So whats the bet that this site will crash at approx 2.30am Thursday the 19th because of us aussies. LOL
I agree - wonder if the US people are going to love or hate us for getting on here as soon as we get back from watching it :)
same i have my tickets sitting in my room....but i got an earlier time lol.... 18th of November i will be lining up, movie starts at 12;01 on the 19th ha ha. i am in cinema 1, holds 250 people. :D can't wait.
i have the same time 2. all sold out now lol
when the movie comes out there?
Looking forward to it cannot waite
*sniff* it's so sad that the hub screenings are no longer going ahead...

but, meh, we still get it before the US... and before like everywhere but france, italy, belgium, spain, switzerland... and I guess new zealand cuz they're a few hours ahead of us.
Well I've had my ticket on the fridge now for over two months 12.01am, wondering how soon I will have to line up. Here I was thinking that it probably won't be full at 12.01 in the morning where I live but you know two cinema's have sold out and we don't have allocated seating so bummer I need to get in line early I hate sitting right up front, but I suppose I would watch from anywhere so excited!!!!!
I'm glad Aussies get to see it first but I will be adding this to the debate for another reason Qld should start daylight saving!! Anyone near the Qld/NSW border going into NSW to see it earlier?


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