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i would like to know what scenes from the eclipse book, are twilight fans hoping to see in THE TWILIGHT SAGA ECLIPSE movie?

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i for one am hoping to see the scene where bella is still kidnapped and edward comes home and shows bella the uses of his new bed! they are getting all hot and heavy and then edwards like " we cant do that bella!", when he realises what she's thinking. i think that scene could be really good if done right cos everyone who hasnt read the book will be like "wow theres guna be some action" then next minute its all over! nothin happens! lol i think that scene could be just as good as the kiss scene from the twilight movie!
yeah same! i would love to see it on the screen! it would make the book even better when you can have an real life image in your head while your reading it!! i love this scene and it would make my day if it was in the movie! wootwoot!! so heres my checklist for the movies- tissues(in case of sad scenes), bib(for the drool, which there will be a lot of lol) and a fan( to cool me down if they have that scene- smokin!) LMAO!
It's chapter 8 :D
And I think I have re-read the end of that chapter atleast a dozen times just before going to bed so that I'll have nice dreams... :P
i wanna see the part where edward proposes and where bella try to seduce edward!!
oh yeah! i would love to see that too! bella gets all offended and starts crying and then she realises edward is trying to protect his virtue! gotta see it!
yeah..i laughed my ass off at that part..i also wanna see when alice begs bella to let her do the wedding!!
i wanna see when bella punches jacob for kissing her and then jacob drives her home, she rings edward and tells him what happened, edward revves his car and is there in seconds. he tells jacob to go out side and charlie's like settle down. then jacob, bella and edward go outside and talk about how jacob can only kiss bella if he has her permission! i laugh everytime i read that in the book, i can just imagine it!
I'd love to see that in action!
yeah it would be great
Me too (-:
June is sooooo farrrrrr awaaaayyyyyyyy i want to see it alll nowwwwww!!!!!! does anyone know what the deal is with breaking dawn, i heard that they aint gonna make it a move!!! that cant be trueee it just canttttttttt!!!!!! so many rumors going around its ao frustrating!!
i know! it would be nice to hear a definate answer as to wether they are making it or not!!


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