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i would like to know what scenes from the eclipse book, are twilight fans hoping to see in THE TWILIGHT SAGA ECLIPSE movie?

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yeah i love that
i wanna see everything in the book in the movie i don't care how long it will be!!
yeah same! i dont care if its like 6 hrs long, i still be there for the midnight showing!
yeah same here ;;; i can't wait until breaking dawn is a movie
i'm dying to see my hubby's face when he finds out what happens in breaking dawn. he's never guna see it coming! lmao! he seen new moon with me and kept asking afterwards if she says yes to edwards proposal. i said you'll just have to wait and see eclipse(that way he will come with me again to the midnight showing lol)
i wanna see the tent scene too! where jacob has to cuddle bella to warm her up and later when jacob overhears bella and edward talking about how they're engaged.(i'm hopin they do a really good howl to show how upset and hurt jacob is). and i also wanna see where bella tells jacob to kiss her to stop him from dying in the newborns fight.
has breaking dawn been confirmed yet? hope so! they cant make the first three then not the last one. that would be unfair to us!!
I know SM was worried about not being able to get Reneseme right in 3D animation, but after seeing Avatar I don't think there will be a problem
Awesome, sooooooo exciting just reading all these views. I can hardly contain myself LOL
i know! it gets you even more excited to see the movie(like thats possible), when your looking forward to seeing if your fav scene makes it to the movie
... and when Jacob admits it is in his top 10 and Edward is like, well this doesn't even make the top 100 for him 'so dream about that'... I was laughing my head off!


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