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i would like to know what scenes from the eclipse book, are twilight fans hoping to see in THE TWILIGHT SAGA ECLIPSE movie?

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i belive breaking dawn shoud be a 2 part movie & at lest 3hr long each. don't leave out any of the book "not one part"!!!
I'd like to see Rose's story, and I have high hopes I will get to as Royce King has been cast!
I really love Rosalie's story. Just gives you such a new view of her. I identify with her in her want for a child. I found it really hard to have one. So my heart went out to her.
i feel for rosalie too. i couldnt imagine my life without my kids in it. for rosalie not ever being able to have one, i feel for her.
Oh and Jasper's story too!
yeah jaspers story would be good too! a friend of mine said it would be good if they have the scene at the end, when jacob and bella are in jacobs bed, where bella tells jacob that she does love him but she loves edward more. we think if they did it just like the book that part of the movie would have everyone crying at the cinema. i would so have to take tissues! lol
oh yeah! i forgot about that sis! mmmmmm all those bare chested werewolves esp jacob! i sooo hope they dont ruin the movie by making it all about the fight, its supposed to be a love story too you know!! (not that i dont mind a bit of fight action esp when twilight werewolves and vamps are involved!). i'm a bit worried about the director/producer for this movie though, his last vamp movie was all blood and guts. does he know how to make a love story?!
I would love to see the part where bella is held "captive" by Alice and is waiting for Edward to return home and is refusing to sleep in the bed he bought for her. I also think the bit where he crumples the rose from the bed would be good. I'd have to take a squeedgee to clean the screen from its steaminess!
lmao!(bout the squeedgee!) yeah i love all those parts. i would love to see them too.
Chapter 15 when Jake kisses Bella & she breaks her hand; thats important because that starts Jake & Edward officially "fighting" for Bella. they also should show when Jake & Bella kiss before he goes to fight. & chapter 20 "comprimise"
i think there are so many scenes that are important to the book that should most def be in the movie. i want to be able to feel the love triangle, if you know what i mean. i love how steph wrote this book cos you can really feel the love triangle and it makes you want to try and help bella choose who to pick.i want to be able to see on the screen how much each guy loves bella so that you can feel bellas anguish when realising she loves both and jacob's pain when he finds out she still chooses edward. :( i feel so bad for jake. i personally have given up trying to choose between the two, its too hard!!! i love them both!, (just like bella)


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