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i would like to know what scenes from the eclipse book, are twilight fans hoping to see in THE TWILIGHT SAGA ECLIPSE movie?

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Ohh too many this is my favourite book but if I had to list a few it would be;
Bella taking off to La Push and Edward waiting for her at the border and follows her to Angela's
Bella punching Jacob and then Edward threatning him on her return
The kidnap scene with Alice and the new bed and Edward's return
The camp with Edward/Jacob and Bella
The fight training where Jacob comes as his wolf self and bella snuggles into him to keep him warm
The proposal
I'm also looking forward to seeing Seth and Leah in Eclipse
thanks carolyn! can you keep me posted? plz
Did I send you the script Suzi? I thought I did :O
The one I sent should have been a pdf I saved it to my pc
There are so many, but i would really like a few, 1st. when They graduate and Alice throws a party. the wolves show up and then agree to help the vamps with the new borns. 2nd. first practice with wolves and vamps 3rd. the big fight between all, the new borns, the vamps and the wolves, especially the fight between Victoria, edward, seth and ryan. lucky last when jake is hurt and both carlise & edward are at la push helping jake. All the steamy kissing scenes are fairly personal, i think i would rather leave them to my imagination than actually see it on the big screen. nothing against both kristen and Rob, but my imagination, well lets say it makes my heart race.
The leg hitch scene and when Bella says 'Grizzling bears are tame compared to whats waiting for you at home.'
hey liss! i would like to see that part too! i think its hilarious just reading it in the book let alone kristen stewart actually saying it!
i would like to have seen a mention about the bracelet too. its part of the rivalry between jacob and edward over bella. also love the sex talk with charlie- thats hilarious just reading it let alone kstew acting it out!
i havent had a chance to read the script yet and the movie is almost here! lmao! yes i agree they should of at least mentioned that tania and her coven aint coming to help cos as you said its the whole reason they come to help in BD
I plan too as well but not just yet
I would be the same I havent read any of them since.....november or december? I would like to read all 3 before June 30 but......K keeps adding to my book stack so im not sure if that will happen
I want to get the harry potters I have read some but not all of them. I got the hunger games on boxing day and its still sitting there.....Im dying to read it but the third comes out in August so im edging closer so i dont have to wait to long. But its up next cause I want to lend it and Catching fire to Kaysi. I started the Reckoning last night after finishing the 4 wicked lovelies in a week and a half *pats self on back*


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