The Twilight Saga

not me, of course. edward's handsome cant compare to jacob. but jacob is still handsomer than mike newton and ben

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um......nt so much.....
bt also hez nt so less
hard 2 say d better 1 among both
Yes Jacob is handsomer....but they are both gorgeous..but I like olive skin and dark personal preferance... if I was a young chicken.
I'm not
Well which one more handsome?? Probably Jacob
Loving?? Edward
Hot?? Jake
Secretive?? Edward and so on... haha

I seriously don't know how people can choose between them!!!
Jacob is much better than Edward in all respects. In my mind, Jacob is a handsome guy, but it's his personality that really does it for me. He's more my type of guy.
^ this

and... I've always liked a heartbeat in my men


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