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Comment by Twilight Junkie on November 19, 2009 at 8:28pm
hahahaha ... Yea Jacob managed to build a big fan base after the promotional posters and clips came out with his new body ... even my bf was saying throughout the movie "geez that guy is buff" ... and I knew that Taylor Lautner had to train hard to get into that shape ... I don't really care about that ... it was the character in the book that I wasn't too fond with BUT ... I must admit ... Taylor Lautner plays Jacob really well ... he's not as cocky in the movie as he was in the book (or how I played him in my head) ... which makes Jacob loveable in the movie ... so I can understand Jacob's POV ... BUT ... I'm always gonna be on team edward and it just gives me a peace of mind to know how the book follows through with that !! haha ... Jacob and Bella just don't seem like an even match ... I honestly wish Jacob would imprint on Leah rather than Renesmee but whatever ...

which ... btw ... was Leah only introduced in Eclipse !? or Breaking Dawn ... I don't really remember ...

Sad to know that Victoria had to be recast ... but ... what is up with the red hair !?
Comment by COUGAR on November 19, 2009 at 4:36pm
Hi Jo,

I do understand what you meant by New Moon was a little patchy. I definantly thought it was soo much better than Twilight movie. I desperately wanted to like Twilight. The problem is when we read the books sooo many times over we really read and understand the story how Stephenie intended us to . You can't read the books once or twice as you miss alot of the emotion. As the reader you are so excited to get through them that we tend to stay up all night reading and probably don't get the depth of the emotion of the books until we have read them over and over. I did like the New Moon movie but it was a little patchy trying to get it all to fit. Solution ..longer movie. I would have preferred Edward gone so we missed him like Bella missed him. I did love Jacob's character in the movie..but I wanted the getting to know each other go a bit slower. e.g Bikes were in the truck , Bella was at Jacobs, bikes were out the truck..they worked on them and then they were riding them and then that was it. You miss that part of her slowly coming out of her depression for the time she was with him, anyway. But we can be as picky as we want...the mass who haven't read the books or have only read once and awhile ago will be very pleased with the movie. I had a bit of a giggle at the " face punch" scene..oh dear..."face punch" I think the movie was "crosshairs" the book. All in all Chris Weitz did a great job as director of such a fan obsessed series of books and you aren't going to please everyone...I need to see it in the daylight now and soak it up a bit more. I did want to see more of the Cullens in the movie as they got how many seconds of air time... and Billy ..where was Billy..blink and you missed him..
Comment by jo jo on November 19, 2009 at 3:45pm
I went to see New Moon Last night and I have to agree with Di I loved the movie but had to look twice at Carlisle to see if he was the same actor, I did not like how different they looked. What was up with Alice's wig! I am mixed about the movie i think it did not show how Bella and Edwards connection had grown from the first movie but Jacobs part was shown perfect. i know if you have read the book you should know the connection but there are alot of people who have not read the book and would not realize why Bella left Jacob so easy. i wish they hadn't rushed the end. i think the movie could go for three hours as it did seemed a bit to patchy. i still loved it maybe i'm just gready and want more....
Comment by Sarah Overland on November 19, 2009 at 9:00am
New Moon movie was AWESOME!!! totally loved and will go see it again, and agin and mabye again?!?!?
Comment by Mel on November 19, 2009 at 7:31am
Just got back from seeing New Moon, loved it!!!! we didn't have any screaming teenagers though we did have screaming mums, but yep definitely going again!
Comment by Amelia on November 19, 2009 at 6:45am
just saw new moon for the second was great...going again on Saturday night cos I can't get enough of it!! The Gold Coast is awesom, everyone is mad keen to see it, cineams are packed
Comment by Di on November 19, 2009 at 5:41am
Don't get me wrong, I did like the movie a lot. I felt they squeezed as much in in the time frame they had. I liked how they portrayed the whole relationship building with Bella and Jacob. I felt like the end where she reunites with Edward was a bit rushed. It was like they reunite, meet the volturi, get home, argue with Jacob and propose and that all happens really fast and yet the rest of the movie seemed like it was not too fast. Maybe, I am feeling a bit true to the original colour the the contacts, but I felt that it just draws your attention too much, makes them look a little too inhuman. In the books they are supposed to look like the most beautiful humans imaginable, but with those contacts they did not really look quite human to me, so it was, I felt, a bit much. And I felt like it changed all of their looks a bit too much, you know, they all looked different - Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Esme the most, did not look quite the same which was a bit of a gear shift for me?
Comment by SamL on November 19, 2009 at 5:33am
WOW...I thought it was AWESOME and better than Twilight. Even though I love the Twilight book, I was disappointed with the movie...but NM was so much closer to the book which was great! I didn't feel like it was too rushed at all. I actually loved the new colours of the contact lenses and the make up. I liked the comic element of it and the whole werewolf action. I have read that some people thought it skipped through the whole Bella/Jacob relationship, but I thought it showed it really well. But I definitely thought that in the Twilight movie - I thought the whole Bella and Edward relationship was rushed and I really couldn't 'feel' them falling in love in the movie...but that is just me. AND I loved the bit in the movie where the book is when Edward has just left Bella. I actually thought some bits in the book were a bit drawn out and I liked how it was condensed in the movie. Unlike the Twilight movie, I didn't feel there were any major scenes left out of the movie that I loved from the book. So overall...a BIG thumbs up from me!!!!
Comment by Annette Piper on November 19, 2009 at 4:47am
Twilight Junkie, I'm definitely Team Edward and I don't think anything will change my opinion there, no matter how good Jacob looks in the movie! I live on a farm and I guess life isn't too boring but no mysterious forests or unusual people, unfortunately - although you can do a pretty good job of scaring yourself at night time!!
Comment by Poly!! on November 19, 2009 at 3:55am
I'm in ecstasy in 15 hours I will see the premiere of New Moon.I can 't believe.

bye bye gotta go to school. : D

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