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Since we all just cant get enough of Christian Grey and 50 Shades lets have a fun time discussing it here.  

Oh yea and if you can keep a secret I just found the original on my computer for MOTU!!

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I finally finished "freed", jeez!  I read the other 2 so long ago.  I guess James  wanted to do like a Midnight Sun at the end and give us 50's perspective upon meeting Ana?  I was a little shocked at the way 50 acted, after all they 've been through and the( "ill nvever leave you" from both of them) when she told him she was pregnant.  I mean I know he likes control, but seriously.  

Its kinda like in a soap opera, when ever you hear a guy tell a girl "I will never leave you" you know its gonna happen....Hint, Hint.....How many times did Edward tell Bella, "I will never leave you"...and then he did....

I know right!?  Funny, my husband and I never say that to each other, so that means we REALLY never will!  LOL


I find it really interesting that there are so many people out there, many of them celebrities, who come out saying; "Well, I haven't read the books, but all my friends are talking about them, and here's who I think should play Christian and Ana."


I mean, they say they haven't read it, and yet they talk about it like they know. I have read the books (and I admit to it!) and so I know what the actual physical descriptions of these people are, yet I have no clue who I think should play them on film.


Is it just me, or does anyone else find that strange? And what is it with people being totally unwilling to admit to reading  erotic literature? It's not as if it's against the law or anything, right?

I know what ur saying.  It seems there are always people who wont admit to doing something mainstream.  A girl at work says she wont read what's popular, 50 Shades, Twi, Hunger Games, etc.  I say "well, ur missing out"  She was wondering what a friend and I were talking about.  

If people really want to read erotic novels there are better ones out there, but maybe this will open up some women to explore some of those books now that it is acceptable to read these books.

Just so y'all know - I want these t-shirts


I would like them too

Oooh! I like that bottom one!

I can sssoooooo print that!!!


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