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My neice is 11 yrs old and she is begging me and her mom to let her read the Twilight Saga!!!! She is driving me crazy about!! I'm not sure that she would comprehend some of the story (maybe) Do you think she is old enough??????

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My daughter is 11, and is way ahead of most kids her age academically, but in other areas, she is very sheltered. I hae decided to let her read Twilight, and we talk about it as she goes, so I know she is okay with what she is reading, and understands it. I was going to let her read the first 3 books, and hold off on Breaking Dawn for the sexual content, but I am seriously re-thinking that.
I am currently trying (and God it is hard) to read the books as an over bearing parent, instead of an obscessed fan of the saga. I am reading New Moon very slowly trying to really comtemplate if I want my daughter reading it. The whole idea of the dangerous stunts, worry me. I am not sure I want her reading that, and getting the idea of outrageous stunts for attention. Don't get me wrong, I love the saga and I think Twilight is fine, but really think hard on the rest. You and your sister know your niece.
Best of luck with making the decision.
Personally (without judgement), I think 11 is way too young...particularly for New Moon through to (and especially) Breaking Dawn. It certainly depends on the individual maturity of the child but I think anyone younger than teen is too young, and for Breaking Dawn I would be reluctant to let under 15 read it...It's just too much to take on.
My daughter is 12 years old and i will not let her read the saga yet. I let her watch the movie, But way differant then the books i would say let her read first three books but not the 4th breaking dawn too much for a young girl, i have differant view i will not let my daughter read them for about another year, but thats just me, guess it all depends on how you feel and her mother.
Thanx ladies for all your input!!


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