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Congratulations, Sandra!  I hope you enjoy your week!


I am going to be greedy and ask 2 questions!!! :-) Which of the saga is your favorite book and why? And where do iyou see the Cullens, wolfpack and Volturi 100 years after the end of Breaking Dawn?


Looking forward to your answer, Sister!

My favourite book is Eclipse because I really like how Edward and Bella manage to grow as a couple  during everything that happens to them. Edward especially has a lot of growing up to do and I think he really does. And seriouisly - the scenes with the bed are so sexy! What I also like is that we finally get to hear Jasper's story because I never really had a clue what the deal was with him and why he was with the Cullens until I read that. I always knew he was there for Alice, but I wasn't sure what his role was within the family, so I was pleased to finally understand that.


You want me to specuulate as to what the situaltion is 100 years after the end of Breaking Dawn? Really? Well, I do have some ideas.

I think that absolutely Jacob and Renesmee will be married, and I imagine they will have had kids. Renesmee is half human, so I see no reason why they should not have kids. Edward is obviously a very lenient and doting grandfather, but I'm sure Bella will try to be a bit more of a disciplinarian although she proibably won't have much success, because she's such a pushover that Edward can always talk her into anything. Since the wolves don't age as long as there are vampires around, Jacob is still alive and well. And with him being married  to Renesmee, the treaty between the Cullens and the Quileutes will bave been rendered obsolete. Jake wants his wife to be happy, and she won't be happy not to be able to see her parents, so the Cullens are now free to come and go on the reservation as they please.


I think the Volturi will have been ousted from power because the other vampires have just had enough of their way of ruling the vampire world. I think Aro and Caius will have been sentenced to death along with Jane, Alec, Felix and Demetri. Marcus is still alive, because he was really never happy being part of the Volturi after his mate died, so he has been pardoned and is now helping to govern the vampire world.

YAY!!!!  I love that you see the Voluri out and gone ....!!!


Thanks, Sandra!!! Great thoughts!

Yeah, except for Marcus, because I'm not sure he really wants to be there in the first place, what with his mate being gone and all that. I've always thought that he would want to get out, only with Aro still around, he hasn't really had anywhere to go. I think he would be perfectly happy having less power but being respected for who he is instead of  the vampire world being afraid of him. He doesn't strike me as being particularly hungry for power the way that Aro and Caius are.
I'm working on  fanfic on how the Volturi get overthrown. So cool that I'm not the only one who sees/likes that possibility.
Hello Sandra! Sorry I'm so late getting here. I review the discussion and see if I have a question for you that hasn't been asked yet.

Okay. I have  question for you now. What are some of your favorite quotes from the movies or the books?


Congratulations Sandra! Hope you have a wonderful week in the spotlight.


Since I have been MIA for quite a while on the site, tell me something about yourself that you feel helps you to relate to the Saga the most?

CONGRATS Sandra...on being MOTW!








My question what point did you absolutely fall IN LOVE with Edward Cullen?  What part of the books or the movies specifically made to go head over heels?  (this should be good!)

Oh…would you please post a pic of your Edward and Bella Bears?



Well, I was always Team Edward, so I was always in love with him.


In the movies, I think the first time it really hit me is that scene in Twilight where he comes in through the window and he admits to having watched her as she sleeps. That should totally creep me out, but for some reason I think it'¨s totally hot. Also because it's so difficult for him to admit to having those feelings for Bella. I mean, he puts her completely on a pedestal and doesn't think that he is good enough for her, so for him to admit that he wants to be with her is just a HUGE thing, you know?


In New Moon (the movie) there is that scene in the woods jsut before Edward leaves where he kisses her on the forehead. If you look very closely, you can see he just kind of scrunches up his eyes as he does, whicih to me is the monemt you can absolutely tell his heart is breaking and he would be crying if he could. And in the book there is that scene in Volterra where they are waiting for the dark so they can leave and Edward just absolutely refuses to let go of Bella even though he is obviously very thirsty and he must be in a lot of pain. I just love how he puts up with it because it's almost like the pain of letting go of her would be so much worse.


OK, I don't own a camera, so I have no actual pictures of MY Edward and Bella Bears. I nicked these off the Buuld-A-Bear website.

My Edward Bear is a Build-A-Bear Read Teddy. He doesn't like to be dressed because then you can't see the slight sparkle in his fur, but he does wear a green bow arond his neck. My Bella Bunny is very nice, but also a bit vain and demanding. She has several outfits to wear and likes to have bows in her ears as well. Edward doesn't get it, but he wants her to be happy, so he puts up with it.


Congratulations Sandra! I hope you are having fun answering these questions!

Here's one: You are at the market buying some urgently needed item like toilet paper or something when you notice a scraggly looking guy that looks a lot like Rob. You are alone so you have no wing man, what do you do?

Congrats Sandra!!! Sorry I just came back from a holiday today and well so I don't have a question yet. I will think about one for you and will come back tomorrow. In the meantime...enjoy your MOTW!!!!! Have fun! :) Love, Inge.xx


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