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I thought I would start another discussion and hopefully get to know the new members of the or old if you would like to introduce yourself and tell us alittle about you, feel free.  Remember no complete names, address, emails, phone numbers...This would be a good time if you have ideas of how to make the OWG better, got any ideas???  Suggestions??

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This is a great idea, Donna. Okay, I am one if the newer members to this group and am quickly heading to my 30th birthday in April. I an the single mother i'd a beautiful baby girl who will be 2 in May. I am origonally from Texas, but have lived in Northern VA for must of my life. Despite this, TX is still the only place that has ever really felt like home to me.

I have an unnarural obsession with all things vampire, werewolf and horror. If it doesn't involve one of these, it doesn't hold my attention for too long. Reat else is there...i'll try to put more up later when I get home from work.
New to group - first post - :)  Picked Older WomanGroup cause I'm 40+.  Hubby got Twilight from Netflix in August 2010 and I've been hooked ever since - I've read all four books (several times) and Addicted to Twilight book, seen and own all movies (so far), can't wait for BD and love the movie scores and soundtracks.  Twilight is my escape from "mommy"hood. :)
It's mine, too! And welcome!
How did you like the Addicted to Twilight book? Was it worth the money?
It was good!  Every couple of paragraphs I was thinking "OMG, that's me!".  It's a very quick and funny read.  I tried to get it at Border's with coupon but they didn't have it. Ended up getting it on eBay for about $8.00.
These books did become very relatable very quickly.
too funny we already know all about addicted to twilight. our group should make a book....
Where did you find the Addicted to Twilight book?  I would love that..
Good!  It's nice to know I am in good company.  I am 40+.  I think the hubby thinks I am slightly crazy...ok, I am crazy.  I saw Twilight in June of 2010, and started seeing the appeal.  I got the book out of the library, then the next, etc.  and then I got hooked.  Have 2 kids, one 5 and the other one is 2.  I am an engineer.  It's nice to come home a read something that isn't technical.  It is my vacation from work and mommy hood.
Mine's certain I am :-)  Friends think I'm crazy and my mom thinks its creepy...sigh.  That's OK 'cause you're in very good company here!
I'm a member since July 2009. Lately a less active one because of my job.
A little about me. I'm Wendy, 30 years old. I live in the Netherlands. Have a daughter of 7 and since 3 years a boyfriend( who doesn't like twilight at all). I'm a nurse ( work for an organisation who helps people at home).

It all started with Twilight the movie somewhere in 2009. Since then I didn't miss one movie, cd or book. Still watch the Saga several times each month ( so yes, still addicted). In the meanwhile I became a great fan of the Vampire Diaries. But....Twilight is still my favorite, always will be.

I've met a lot of people on this site who became very important in my life. They even changed it. So ...Donna, thank you for creating this great group and thanks shimmer sisters for all the support and fun we had ever since I met you all


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