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While driving in this morning and daydreaming of everything in the Entertainment Weekly I had a thought.  Other than Edward taking Bella to prom and then to the meadow occassionally, does anyone else remember them going OUT on a date? 


I mean seriously.  I can't remember anything.  No movies, concerts, nothing!  I know they wouldn't go out for dinner that often.   Maybe that's why the honeymoon is so intense! 

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Nope. Guess they didn't need to date since they were always together. Can't remember a single date!!!
Don't remember any dates. They were just kind of together all the time.
After he rescued her from the guys, and took her to the Italian restaurant-I guess that was sort of a date.
That's about it. They really just did a lot of sleeping together! LOL Well, in the movie they go sailing through trees. That's like an adventure date! And the baseball game was a date for real. Prom would be a date wouldn't it? I think we may have a few dates here!
Oh that's true!  Tacky of me--I forgot!

Port Angeles, baseball game, prom......I think that might be it.  Parties don't really count, do they?  Like her birthday, Graduation parties?

Yeah your right they never went of a date hm interesting
You may have a point!  Dinner/the mushroom ravioli, which wasn't a planned date, is about the closest they got :-)

Before the NM breakup, Bella did remark that she had enjoyed the best summer ever.  And she is just not much into material things, not a shopper, always feels so embarrassed when she does get a gift or anything.

And, the meadow being their 'place', they enjoy it as much as possible.  The rest of the time they are in school.  Or she's at her after-school job at Newton's.  And I think she considers any time spent with Edward better than any date to something special, such as a concert or movie, could ever be. 

Yeah, I can see them doing a lot of "hanging out" during the summer that she doesn't talk about.  Something tells me that Edward may have tried to take her on actual dates, and she squashed that.  She's more of an introvert.  Keeps to herself, so she's not into doing a lot of things out of her comfort zone.  Much like how we don't see much of Rob and Kristen out and about very often.  Only when it has to do with work.
I dont think a date would have worked at the time. remember how she reacted about prom?
Yeah but being taken to prom is different than "dating".  I mean she went to the movies with Mike and Jacob - why didn't she and Edward go to movies?


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