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Now that the first Trailer is out for Breaking Dawn Part 1. I wanted to know everyone thoughts.

I also wanted to know what parts of the book you hope to see in the movies.


I hope they include ithe conversation between Jacob and Bella when they dance at here wedding.


I would like to see Emmett and Bella's arm wrestling match. I want to this from start to finish including Bella distroying the boulder. 


These are just a few of what I want. Now what are your thought?



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i should be thinking of all the scenes with edward ..I know I should...but I really hope the rest of the Cullens have a real input into the stories because when i think of some of my favourite bits of the films...Emmett chasing Victoria and challenging the wolves over territory...... Emmett racing Edward in the baseball game..Esme trying to organise the family, as a family unit....Alice's wisecracks and mysterious comments from her presight....Rosalie's brilliant vampire bride..proper scary that was...and Jasper's history and fighting moves....and Carlisle ooh that man in his doctor outfit....all calm and more of that ..all of that..especially in part 2 where they could easily be swamped by all the crowds of vampires.....and everything you said...and just too exciting to think about .......we've forgiven so much that was excluded from the first three books and absorbed so much from the films ...whatever we will love BD's transition to film....can't wait...i can't wait.....

Of course the Wedding and i also want to see Bella change and of course Edward changing her and the Birth
ive been trying to figure out how they are going to end part 1, i hope they end it with Alice telling them that the Volturi are coming, one of my friends thinks that they will end it with Bella giving birth and Edward giving her the venom, but i think that they should definately show all of that and Bella and Edward hunting together for the first time. I do hope they end Part 2 the same way the book ends because it kinda leaves almost an open ending which lets you imagine what can happen next.
I;m simple.  I WANT everything!  Since they're splitting into 2 movies, I want nothing less.  Will we get it?  Prob not.   There's always hope!
LOL i agree with you, i'm trying to get  my mom to read the books so she can understand why i yell at the movies when it doesn't match up. i want to get a little party together the day the movies come out and watch all 3 before we go see BDP1
OH MY! Another Great... Discussion! Simple answer for me..ALL! Which i know won't happen. I do know from what i've heard... Breaking Dawn PT 1 will end with Bella awakening as a Newborn.I think that will be awesome! What a way to end PT1 and a way to start PT2!
actually robin I think that clip from BD will certainly tide us along until the film comes out.........
OH... YEAH!......
Oh the slow motion bed breaking is too much for me.  I am sweating just looking at it and thinking of Edward

I wanna see all on screen what I've read in book... hope they won't end first part after Bella get birth little Cullen angel :P



I hope so too. From what I've heard they end it when bella opens her eyes once she becomes a vampire.


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