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I don't know how many of you feel the same way but every time i hear a guy between the ages of 24-33 call a women a cougar i kringe, maybe because i don't look or act my age and can give any 24year old a run for his money,It just urks me that any female 30 and over is a cougar makes it sound like we are washed up and hard up for a man.WHAT do they call me over 30 who look at younger women? OH wait i think preverts Hmmm......
It would hurt my heart if Robert or any of the boys on Twilight thought of us as that.

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Before I came here I had no idea what 'the expression' was until Donna came up with it..
Here in Belgium we don't use or have a word for it. Last week in Spain someone tought I was 25! Hell, what was she wrong...(psstt 39 now aarrrggghhh)
I don't like the double standards either it is so unfair!!! we should come up for a name for older guys that like younger know im 44 and divorced and don't want a relationship yet not after what i have been through but anyway if i were i would pick a younger guy not in his twenties well unless it was one of the cullen boys sorry ladies but i would not say no to Rob or Kellan for a night of passion lol but we do look younger and feel better these days so that would put me at 34 ooh i like that and like my grandmother once said you never tell a man your real age, wise woman my irish granny lol:)
LOL my mom use to tell me the same thing,Ijust hate lying cause you always get caught. But i'm running with 28 i'll try it and let u know how it goes. Ok wait a min.who am i kidding? I think its mental every time i hear my self say my age I get weird cause according to society i'm old. but as long as i don't say it out loud i'm ok.
I don't think I'm a cougar, I'm infatuated with a 108 year old vampire, that's considerable older than me! yeah, the actor is nice to look at, but too young for me, heee!
So if you had one night with Robert you wouldn't have your way with him. Hmmmm....... so whats really to young?
well... when i was 36 I DID date a 23 year old... so... we'd just have to test this theory out now, wouldn't we... ;-)
Yes we will at 39 i tagged a 21 yo many times ops arkward but fun
I hate the term, and I've been called it. I'm married to a guy 15 years younger than myself, and have been for almost 8 years. He's had girls his own age tell him he was disgusting for being with me. Silly little twits.
You go girl and remind those twits they to will be older one day. They can't stay 24 forever unless your a Cullen LOl
Silly little twits They're just jealous because they aren't woman enough for him Donna!
hummmm, if a woman is referred to as a "Cougar" and that woman is NOT over 50, then they are using the term incorrectly.

Only us, "Over 50 OWGs" are "Cougars".

And I refer to myself as a cougar all the time.....**shrug**...proud of it actually. My husband is 6 months younger than me so I resemble that remark.


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