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So…we all know that Jacob is growing in height at a tremendous speed in the books, now we all have already established that has defiantly succeeded with his HOT body, but I am wondering how they are going to play out his Height growth? Will they use special effects, or…..will his gorgeous muscled up body make up for that? What do you all think? I think it would, he is soooo sexy!!!

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You know from the size of the wolfs that we see on the trailer I don't think they will make him huge like the book. But seriously I don't find that to be to huge of a deal. The details in the book are sometimes hard to put on screen. specially since you are have the Jacob you want you cant go back and change it. I don't maybe special effects, but I doubt it.
I do agree with you, I think Jacob is the perfect Wolf 6.7 ot not.
I do know Taylor is 5 10 and a half and they will work it out with special effects and omg i feel so bad but he looks soooo hot here!!!! i think i need therapy lol:)
Join the's growing by the minute....we also have a running bail fund going.....LOL Sigh!!!!!!
LOL i love it!!! then include me guilty as charged:)
oh my my my my my!!!!!!! :)
Hi Jusmary.....welcome..
OK, looking the way he does, I'm sure we'll all forget that he should be 6'5" by the end of the movie!
His muscles will make up for it, even if Robert and Kellan are taller than he.
Thank you you Esther, I happen to agree!!
I Second that!


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