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Hi Donna,
I apologize for not emailing you sooner but my week as MOTW has come to an end. Unfortunately, I have spent the past 3 days at the hospital as my uncle suffered his 3rd heart attack, went into renal failure and is now in the ICU.

That being said, I haven't really had a chance to even consider which sister to nominate. I am asking that you please pass on this honor and explain to the next recipient my situation. Again, I apologize.

Heading off to the hospital again to relieve some of my family so that they can sleep, shower, etc.


Ladies, Lets all keep Julie and her uncle in our thoughts and prayers...

I have thought about this and asked a couple for some help and have decided to choose AllyCtwilighter as the new MOTW Please join me in helping her celebrate her week!!

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Congratulations AllyC Enjoy your week!!!!!!!!
Thank You, for choosing me, out of like 2,000 members! wow!
CONGRATS ALLY! Doin' the member of the week dance! whoop whoop!
Gotta think of a question. Hmmm... Let me consult with the Cullens!
Yes, make it a good one!!
Ok, here it is! I know you are from a small town. If you could live anywhere other than your hometown where would you live and why?
Ok Staci... I love the country, but I also love the city... the night life and all of that! But, I can't ever see myself living in the city, but I would like to be close enough to one, but far enough away to have peace and quiet. If I had the means to live anywhere in the world, I would choose in between
Santorini Oia Greece

Or the Irish countryside!

Nice! Greece! I would like to visit there. When you move there I am coming over. :) Would you have a farm in Ireland?
Yes, i would let you visit! My family lives on a farm now! So I don't know.... I might would have some sheep, maybe horses, I would definitely have a little scotty terrier, or their close kin... a mini schnauzer(they're german) but that's what I have now! I would have a little orchard with apples and such, maybe a vineyard! We have blackberry bushes galore on our farm, and I love picking them so in Ireland, I would have bilberry bushes! they are similar to blueberries, they produce single or paired berries on the bush instead of clusters, like the blueberry! In Ireland, the fruit is known as fraughan!

Wow! How do you know these things? Give me some fraughan! :)
Stacy, If I'm gonna live there, I have to know these things! lol! In Oia, they ride donkeys up the mountain streets because the houses are literally built in the hillside, it is beautiful! It would be a hard choice to make, maybe I'll be rich enough to buy a house in both places... hahaha
Sounds like a plan!
Beautiful Ally--nice choices!


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