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Ladies there is some confusion about where in Kansas the OWG Convention is going to be....IF I can get it organized and Twilightmomlg is helping will be in Iola, Kansas 66749 in June 2010. There will be special prices on the movie premier and it will be a private showing for the OWG only...also working with the Motel manager that is right next door to the theatre.....for special room prices....If you think you can attend I guess it would be ok to go ahead and get a head are not committing to anything at the present time...I will post again in January. The movie comes out on a Wednesday just before the July 4th weekend. We have three choices, have it on a Wednesday......the 4th of July weekend...or wait until the weekend after the 10th and have it then....please let us know which you prefer....Thanks

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Weekend after the 10th sounds good, I am going to really try to make it!
Iola Kansas...plane ride...hmmm...really not a good idea for people who hate to fly.

HOWEVER...I LOVE to drive. Let me see what I can pull off as far as having time and gas money to make the trip...

Should I decide to drive out, are there any sisters in the NY or NJ area that hate flying as much as I do? Maybe we can hook up and take a road trip!!
BriannaKills you could get married earlier and have Iola, Kansas as your honeymoon....I have had two of them there lol wish you could join us but we understand....
We will think of you. Heck we can talk online while we are there and you can feel like you are with us
i will do my best to be there i will know for sure a bit closer so i know what is what but as far as i know i will be there.
i will do my best to be there i will know for sure a bit closer so i know what is what but as far as i know i will be there.
ok i will be there for sure. not for sure if i am driving there or flying hoping i will have a car by then and drive there.
Not sure right now if I will be able to attend or not for sure, but I'm really hoping to. It all depends on money. I think it would be so cool to get together and go see the movie in a special showing just for us. Sounds like a really fun time to be had by all. If I am able to attend, the 4th of July weekend would work for me since I will have that time off from school. No offense, but going to the actual premiere wouldn't work for me because I'm planning on going to NYC to the premiere down there with a friend of mine as a present for her bday which is 6/29.
Well I plan to attend however i thought it was in June not July,either way the fam and i will be there, I will start saving in Jan.for it. There will be three of us attending.
I want to be in the head count please ( all fingers and toes crossed this time)...and whatever makes the flights cheaper would be great .. you have all sorts of hols over there I know nothing about that make ticket prices sky high.........
yep you better have those hands up saying your going to be with us. i can not wait to meet you girl .
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