The Twilight Saga

What do you think. Has anyone read this book?

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Great finds! Is interesting to say the least.
Had a quick scan trough it. will read it properly soon.

All I think is that there is no true original idea.
Some poeple will get upset about that!!!
Okay, um....

I saw nothing that I MYSELF haven't written over the years in one way or the other. Let's face it, a sex scene is a sex scene, a wedding scene is a wedding scene.

At the college I am attending, before I turn in a report whether it's science or anything else, I have to submit my paper for an "Originality Score." This is done to prevent plagerism. We are not supposed to have more than 15% in similarity with any other paper, and by God, that 15% BETTER be cited. However, no matter how hard you try, you usually end up with 20% or more depending on what subject it is. People use the same words, whether knowingly or not, in everything they write. It's simple linguistics. If I say "It's really sunny outside," would you hit me with a lawsuit because you said the same thing even though we might live in two different places? We both speak the same language!

I think some people (not all, mind you...I'm not grouping everyone together in this) in this society want a "free ride" and want to take credit where it's not due. That would be like someone saying that someone stole another bands beat. You can only put musical notes together in so many ways...the same with words. At some point in time, something is going to sound/read similar. If that's the case, then someone better alert Bram Stoker that there's about a couple of hundred or more books out there about vampires, slayers, sexual innuendo and a human falling for a vampire!

It's all balderdash. I'll get down off my soapbox now. Sorry for the rant.
I agree 100%!!!!! well said!
Superbly said! I was going to say Well Said but Fang Banger did and I didn't want to plagiarize.
I posted a discussion a couple of weeks ago about this same subject. In it, I stated that Jordan Scott was suing for copyright infringement and not looking for monetary compensaion. In the same article her representative said that individuals should compare the two works and judge for themselves. If everyone that read BD went and bought Nocturne, Ms. Scott would not need any monetary compensation from the lawsuit. The name of my discussion is "Do not buy the Nocturne".


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