The Twilight Saga

As part of the preparation for the OWG convention in Forks, we (the planning committee) have decided to help you coordinate your airfare.  Now since, I have access to most major airlines fares (except for Southwest) the responsibility falls to me to facilitate this portion of our trip.


I know ten months seems like a long time, but to make sure you have the best opportunity of going, planning is in your best interest. I will do the research and possibly find you a good fare that won't blow your budget.  I have been seeing fares from the east coast around $300 roundtrip.  This is an exceptional fare considering a lot of the Alaskan cruises leave out of Seattle.


So, I need the following information from you:


1.  What city you want to fly out of.

2.  A contact phone number (please PM me with this, cell phone preferably)  *I promise I will not

    share this information with anyone else.

3.  How long will you be staying in Forks

4.  Your price range

5.  Do you have an airline preference

6.  When would you like to purchase your ticket (month i.e. October)


For those of you who live on the west coast, I believe Southwest is going to give you the best fare.  Since I don't have access to their fare structure, I would just keep trying.  I have heard of fares as low are $120 roundtrip from LAX to SEA.


Honestly, airfares are very volatile and can change from one fare to another at the drop of a hat.  After Christmas may be good but you never know.  I highly recommend purchasing your airfare before March, but if you can't I will work diligently to get your target price.  I am looking forward to working with each one of you soon.


**UPDATE - SEPT 29, 2010**

The dates/activities for the convention have been posted in the main discussion "OWG descends on Forks".

I will plan for everyone to arrive on Saturday, July 23rd.  If you need alternate arrival dates, please let me know.  The departure date will either be on Saturday, July 30th or Sunday, July 31st, whichever is least expensive.

Please keep in mind if you come in on Sunday, July 24th, most airlines require a Saturday night stay for a cheaper fare and you probably shouldn't depart Forks until Sunday, July 31st.  We will be running the shuttle van on Saturday and Sunday, both weekends, so don't be concerned about transportation from Sea to Forks.  Post any transportation changes to your plans in this discussion.  Thanks for your cooperation.


*****UPDATE  JANUARY 8, 2011*********


My computer is down and it's life has finally ended.  I will be buying a new computer within a couple of weeks but in the meantime I am still searching out airfares for everyone. 


If there are any new requests please post them here and I will have someone to forward them to me.  I am sorry it took me so long to get back to the existing requests but most people said they weren't buying their tickets until January anyway.


Thank you for your cooperation and as soon as my new computer is up and running I will let you know.


*******UPDATE JANUARY 25, 2011**********


Hi sistahs!!!!!! I am up and running with a brand new laptop.  I am delighted to be back and looking forward to meeting all the sistahs coming to Forks.  I will be looking into the new requests for airfare within the next couple of days and letting everyone know where we are with the prices.


If you are flying out of the Atlanta area, AirTran is running around $319 roundtrip, which is a pretty good price.  After seeing the prices out of Houston under $300, they have skyrocketed back to almost $400


*******UPDATE JANUARY 29, 2011***********


Just six months away, this convention is going to be awesome and I know we are all looking forward to it.

In the discussion, some key points were brought up by Debbie C who is helping me with ground transportation in Washington. Once you get into Seattle, there are a number of different options to get to Forks. 

The first option is the van we have reserved. We are picking it up on Saturday, July 23rd and returning it on Saturday, July 30th.  We will need to leave by 1:30pm to arrive in Forks by nightfall. The van reserved is for 6 passengers including the driver. We will need extra room for luggage.

The second option is to fly into Port Angeles. Kenmore Air has a website that shows the fare from SeaTac to Port Angeles at just $89 one way when you purchase a round trip ticket (not including tax). Then arrangements to get from Port Angeles to Forks can be arranged.

The third option is to take the bus into Port Angeles.  If you are not coming into Seattle on the 23rd or leaving on the 30th, this may be your best option.

Ladies, once you have bought your tickets, please let me know your schedule, so we can coordinate our arrival in Forks.



**********UPDATE MARCH 15, 2011**************

I have been keeping track of everyone's flights and I just want to make sure that no one has fallen through the cracks. I am still looking for flights for the following people


*********LIST COMPLETED********** 

 These are the last names I have on my list.  If I am supposed to get flight information for you and your name did not appear here.  Please let me know and I will do my best to find you a decent price for a flight to Seattle.

If your name appears on the list and you have decided not to go, please let me know, also. Thank you.


*********UPDATE MARCH 25, 2011************

For the people who are still on my list to book their airline tickets, please be prepared to buy your tickets no later than the week of April 24th.  Most airlines have a sale that week and the prices should be okay.  After that time, I can't guarantee anything.  I have been seeing roundtrips from the eastcoast around $800-900.  That is quite high and I would hate to see anyone pay that kind of price.  So please keep an eye out and be ready to buy. 

Some websites you might want to search on your own are:

Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity, and Site59.

Also, I don't have access to Southwest prices so make sure you look at their prices. 

Good travels and I will be in touch.


************UPDATE APRIL 12, 2011***********

For those of you who didn't believe Forks would be affordable, the airlines have just made it affordable to fly to Seattle.

If you live on the eastcoast the prices are under $400 roundtrip.  The prices from the midwest are under $350 and the prices from Cali, Ariz and most of the west coast are around $300.  Most of these prices are on,

If you can travel at any time on the 22nd/23rd and on the 30th/31st, then you may be able to name your own price and get a lower amount.


If you do reconsider, pm me and I will send you my phone number. The prices have just gotten better and now is the time to buy.  To break it down for you.  Airfare, hotel and convention costs would come to a grand total of about $700.  Then once you add your spending, you could have a fabulous vacation with your twilight sistahs for about $1000.

Think about it and let me know!!!!!!!!!


******UPDATE  APRIL 24, 2011*************


Everyone who has requested flights, have booked their flights and this discussion is coming to a close.  HOWEVER, I have one more request of you.  I have misplaced the sheet that had your arrival and departure times into Sea-Tac.  I would appreciate it if you would send that to me again.  Also, include how you are getting to Forks from Seattle. Either PM me or call me.  I would really appreciate it.

I am making sure I have covered all my bases concerning ground transportation.  It has been a fabulous journey and we are less than 90 days away from being in Forks.


*************UPDATE MAY 23, 2011************


I have gotten in touch with everyone. 

Thanks for all of your cooperation.



**************UPDATE JUNE 19, 2011**********


Just to keep everyone abreast of who is riding with whom from Seattle to Forks, you will be getting a message from DebbieC regarding your ground transportation within the next week. I have the following people riding in the van with me:  Jackiefk, Royal, Teresa, Twilightmomma68 and Twilighthappy.  


One more thing, I will be putting up a discussion about what you are allowed to carry on planes.  It will be a general discussion about the things you can get through security.  If you have specific questions about what you can put in checked luggage and how much it costs to check luggage, you will need to ask your carrier.  That discussion will be put up in a few days.


************UPDATE  JUNE 23, 2011*****************


The discussion about packing and security is up.  Please take a look and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in that discussion. Here's the link:

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Hi Ladies! Linda's computer is out She asked me to tell you to go to to book your tickets this month.

All the cities below were under 300.00.

These are Flights to Seattle WA

Leaving on 7/23 coming back on 7/30.





Hey sisters!  Is anyone coming into Seattle on Friday the 22nd?  I've got mileage that I can use to get to WA but only if I fly in on the 22nd.


I'd love it!    need to fly from pittsburgh.  stay at least 4  days, unless mom will keep the kids a week.Don't care about air lines. Would like to purchase airfare Feb or March. Price rate any where from 300-400 if possible.  contact 724-712-1798, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You are fantastic!
Hi Robyn, I am delighted that you are coming and will look into the flights for you.  But can you do me a favor and delete your personal information.  I've got it and will call you soon.
ladies I just saw this convention!!! Oh my now I have to save for it. Man how comes I don't get update earlier. I am from Texas. So the Settle airport is where everyone is coming in. Will go start looking for tickets.
Hi Alextraviolet, I will be looking for your flights also. You just missed the $297 airfare out of Houston on Continental, but I will keep up the search for you.  Please do me a favor and delete the personal information.  I have it and will be in touch soon.
really thanks!! i can't wait to meet other women who share the same interest and just relax.
hahahah you too funny!! But I know how you feel.
Robshandmonkey,  I know the feeling.  I am looking into airfare for everyone else and I haven't found anything for myself.  Can you make it to Forks if I find you a really cheap airfare?  Where would you come from?
Twilightmomlg, My cousin and I spoke this past Tuesday and she stated she wanted to see the real things. Referring to Bella's house, Jacob's home, his reservation. I saw in the Twilight second disk it stated that the house used in Twilight for Bella's home was in Port Land, Or. I am wondering if you guys know of any other "real" things there in Forks that I can take my cousin to? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Diane
Diane, the main discussion has all the features.  OWG descends on Forks.  But of course, LaPush beach has to be included and I thought I heard mention of a short cruise.  But look at the other discussion and I hope the two of you get to come.

Diane, I live in Portland (about a 6 hr drive from Forks).  Yes, most of Twi was filmed in and around Portland (some, of course, was Hollywood sound stage).  Sometimes tours are offered here.  I know a gal who was an extra and she knows the tour folks as she works for them on occasion.  Bella's real house is about 30 miles west (well, road actually follows river so that changes, but basically it is considered west), and the prom site is about the same east.  The high school used is about a 45 min drive north.  The Cullen's home is really the private home of some company exec who was rich enough to be invited to hobnob with producers, director, stars, etc, and offered his new home as a site.  The Cullen house in NM was actually Hollywood made replica in Vancouver, Canada, where most of NM and E was filmed, disassembled/rebuilt from NM (really only used one room and outside in NM) to E (rebuilt and enlarged for more rooms/scenes in E--all on Hollywood sound stage), and then disassembled/stored again for BD.  I'm not sure if it was moved to Louisana for that stage of filming or left for California sound stage again.  All of this home info is on E's second dvd w/special features.  The beach they used in Twi is also in Oregon.  The beach used in NM and E are in Canada.

Do not worry about "real" in Forks.  It is delightful.  You all will have a wonderful time.  The entire town is happily involved.  The real First Beach is even better than the filmed beach and very accessible, however, the water will be very cold, year round.


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