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P.J. and Spunky's "Baton Rouge" Adventure!! aka "Breaking Dawn Road Trip"

OK, so PJ arrives at my work place Saturday evening. Waits patiently till They finally release me at about 2230! Next morning, off I go to work again. Meanwhile, poor PJ is stuck at my house with my Hubby for the 16 hr shift I was working. Finally, Monday morning arrived! Yea! There is PJ quietly waiting till I drag out of bed at 1100. A true Shimmer Sister! what a saint....She still drug me along!! So, here we go!! Come along with us as we are off to Baton Rouge in a search for a "Rob" sighting! Or anyone else we can catch a glimpse of! Wish us luck!  (oh, any tidbits or inside info would be welcomed)ssshhhhh!!

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Be afraid!! Be very afraid!!

Hold on Baton Rouge! You'll never be the same!!!
You all are so brave - and CRAZY!! I wonder if Baton Rouge is prepared for the wonder that is the PJ/Patty Pep Squad!
Ah, can I come? I'll even ride in the far back end holding the luggage!

OK, so I'm really out of the way for Baton Rouge . . .
We are havuing a great time in Baton Rouge but as all good thing must come to an end we will be heading home tomorrow
there are several still to come and more blogging yet to come. Just tired tonight/this morning if patty has time she will post a little something before we hit the road in the AM
LOVE the car!!!! Have fun and keep us posted. Saying a "ROB" prayer for ya!!!
We need more pictures...lots of pictures from the road!!!! yay, a road trip....
You go girls, Thanks for the phone call BE SAFE
Awwww!!!! I love the car!!!! Have fun ladies and make a lot of pics for us!! :) xx
OMG - you put ROB STALK on your car! That just cracks me up! You should see the big a** grin I have right now!
I SO wish I could be there!
Wait till you hear the rest of the story on that sign.


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