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just letting all you ladies who are in the postcard club know that i will be sending out the postcards , but a little later than planned , because i am in the process of moving so i am really busy packing ,getting things organized ,and also saving up all the spare cash i can for the removal van and a hire car ,so please bear with me , and thank you for all the postcards i have already received

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Diane - Life is Busy and Moving is ARRGGG! so no pressure thanks for the update
thanks stephanie ,just thought i ought to let everyone know ,i will be glad when we are settled in our new home
I am looking foward to getting more postcards. I like them to trickle in. More surprises that way
So do you have a forwarding address? I addressed a bunch of postcards this weekend.
Oh yeah...good point Patti - where do I send your postcard diane?
No worries diane...I'm lagging a bit behind myself...should have them out within a week! All the best with the move :o)
I'm behind on mine, too. It doesn't mean I love you less!
Not a prob diane! i hate moving its one of those things that actually takes forever before its completed. when your ready chickie!!
thanks everyone ,we are hoping to move on the 5th of september ,i will send you all my new address in your inboxs ,thank you all again for understanding
ive left messages to the ones i could find about my new address , if theres anyone i left out please send me a message and let me know
Sounds cool - is it too late to join?
It's not too late Twi...send Lita a message (soledad lita sanchez) with your postal address...she has the up to date lists, and has been forwarding to people who are participating in the postcard exchange. :o)


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