The Twilight Saga

Finally, here is how you can get in on the drawing for this sweet quilt.

You will need to send a money order or check to one of the sisters traveling to Forks, she will then purchase your tickets for you and be present at the event for the drawing. Washington State has very strict laws regarding this type of activity and this is the best way to extend the opportunity to all our sisters.

Tickets are $1.00 each or $5.00 for 6.

I can not tell you what the odds are for winning as tickets are being sold in Forks also. BUT! all the $ you send goes directly to the charity of Sarges Place.

There is no monetary compensation to me regarding the cost of this Quilt. It is from my heart and in Memory of my Mother who donated many of her Quilts to various charities.

It is in her Memory that I have named this Quilt "Ellens Apple Tree" (we were in Maine on vacation years ago and drove past an old school where she went for third grade. In the front yard there stilll stood an apple tree that provided my Mother with a weapon to ward off a third grade boy who would not leave her alone. The shiner he recieved was the topic of school lunches for months after). So there it is.

Sorry this took soooooo long to work out.

Good luck everyone!!!


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She grew up and went to school in Paris Hill.  It is a historical site now. There have been a few movies made there too, cuz of the buildings.  I believe it is a long past governers home there that years and years ago was severly damaged in a storm. The hundred year old trees were blown down so my Grand Father donated mature trees from his home to plant in front of the Mansion. It was a risky undertaking but the trees took to it like they were planted there and are still there today.

My mother did not like the boy who would not leave her alone so she picked up an apple the tree had droped and lobed it at the boy, hitting him in the face right between the eyes and leaving a shiner behind.

I thank you for asking about my mom. It is really nice to think about her. Her quilting, the fact that she played basketball (I did not know this until after she had crossed over) and her stories about the growing up on a chicken farm in Maine. I even remember the farm as a child when we would go "home" (I was not born there but here in Michigan) as my parents called it. to this day I can not eat seafood that is not fresh without cringing cause we ate things that went from dirt or water to our plates in one day. I could cry. What I wouldn't do for a time machine, cuz my Nana could cook like no one else I know. If I could I would gather as many sisters as possible and we would all go to Nanas for lobster, potatoe salad, greens, fresh bread and for desert *anything with fresh Maine Blueberries in it or on it.  

We havent left yet?????  

I am in negotiations with Grey Hound and what kind of bus route we would have. LOL

Well Royal ,while you're all so close why don't you have the Lobster in Maine and seeing as you are so close just pop over to New Brunswick by boat or land and have blueberry cobbler here at my place LOL

Sounds like a plan!!

Oh the places we will go and the Sisters we will pick up and the FOOD we will eat and the Vamps we will stalk................All aboard the ****Majic Bus*****

I will buy tickets in Forks. Six please!

Royal, can we get together  before you leave for Forks?  I will call you.

Did someone say TRIP?

Hey MY LG yes call me remember I leave on the 26th so lets get together......Geee I just love my sister who is so close to home.....perks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in!  I will get my money to Connie!   This is wonderful Royal!


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