The Twilight Saga

Finally, here is how you can get in on the drawing for this sweet quilt.

You will need to send a money order or check to one of the sisters traveling to Forks, she will then purchase your tickets for you and be present at the event for the drawing. Washington State has very strict laws regarding this type of activity and this is the best way to extend the opportunity to all our sisters.

Tickets are $1.00 each or $5.00 for 6.

I can not tell you what the odds are for winning as tickets are being sold in Forks also. BUT! all the $ you send goes directly to the charity of Sarges Place.

There is no monetary compensation to me regarding the cost of this Quilt. It is from my heart and in Memory of my Mother who donated many of her Quilts to various charities.

It is in her Memory that I have named this Quilt "Ellens Apple Tree" (we were in Maine on vacation years ago and drove past an old school where she went for third grade. In the front yard there stilll stood an apple tree that provided my Mother with a weapon to ward off a third grade boy who would not leave her alone. The shiner he recieved was the topic of school lunches for months after). So there it is.

Sorry this took soooooo long to work out.

Good luck everyone!!!


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Thanks for getting the pic here Donna. I messed up, thought I got it but nope!

Love ya Sister.

No problem, anything for a Sister...So I want to say that if anyone wants to purchase tickets they should contact, Royal, Mrs. Cope, Patty (Spunky), PJ or Connie....anyone else???  Just send them a message here on the group or send them a pm and ask for their address.....Hope everyone participates...Sarges's Place will definately be proud of the OWG.....

I would love to enter!

Who shall I send a money order to?

This is SO beautiful Royal---such a nice memorial for your mom. You are just too darn talented! (I still have my Renesme!)

Lamb, you can send it to me, Royal, Spunky, PJ, or Connie - whoever you'd like. PM me if you need an address.

I think I have them from the postie exchange. :)

This quilt is so beautiful! I will be purchasing many chances for the drawing for me and my friends who've seen the pic. It's a hot item!

It's fine with me Lamb!

COME ON SISTERS JUMP ON BOARD. Do we really want a stranger to own this Quilt?

NO!  I want a Sister to win this--even if it isn't me...OK...I want to win it!!!

not a chance. I'm in! Royal...can I send you some $ to enter?

Hi Royal-

What a beaut!!!  Have already envisioned "Ellen's Apple Tree" quilt in my Twilight themed daughter-who-grew-up-and-moved-out bedroom!  Where in Maine did your mom go to school?  I went to college in Brunswick for 2 years.  Love story of mom's right (or left) hook!! 

God willing, I will be in Forks but I will plan to send check to Rachel anyway.



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