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Happy Birthday to all our September Shimmer Sisters
Thank you Donna for always thinking of us. You have made this group such a great place to be. Truly though I could forget this one. Wish my family would but you know they will put up cute (NOT) sign, and black everywhere. I would like to run away next weekend. Save me my shimmer sisters.
Thank you Donna. I really don't like becoming 30. I don''t know what it is with that number. Anyway, thanks
Thanks, Donna, for the birthday wishes!

To all the ladies born in September, I hope this year brings lots of joy and excitement and you have the best birthday ever.
Oh Twimom I love this. Who did such a wonderful job on this cake..... Love it.
Thank you!
this is sooo pretty! I so want cakes like that for all my birthdays :)
This is an awsome cake. My birthday is on th 27th.
Happy birthday to all the September sisters!!! You all rock.
Ooooh Twimom...What a wonderful Birthday cake for all our September Birthday sisters. I dont come on here very often, but as it was my birthday this month ( I missed the application) LOL.. I just thourght I would take a peek and see what was going on. I"ve been having quite a sad time lately..Mrs Cope invited me onto this page and I thourght I would just come on and take a look at what was going on!!. You all sound like lovely people. Hope to chat with you all. Love Alice XX.
Alice R have you sent me the info I asked. Have some stuff to send you........ So glad to hear from you. We are both September babies....
Hi Laura, No I haven"t sent it yet , but I"ll will .. So we"ve both got September birthdays, thats a coincidence is"nt it??
Will get back to you soon, I really enjoy our talks......


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