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I would love to hear fond memories or your hearts worries of the end.  For me I pray that the end of BD2 doesn't bring an end of what the OWG has built. Donna has made a bond that I feel will last but there are always those fears that I will lose what got me through one of the roughest points in my life.  The love that I found here pulled me through a rough rough time.  I don't believe there was ever a stronger group than the OWG!!!  I had never even traveled but one state up and two states down my entire 40 years, until my trip to Forks.  Then I brave to fly for the first time across the US....To one of the most beautiful places I know.  I shared memories that still bring tears of love to my eyes.  What an experience.  I had my boss and sister worried about me traveling that far with people I only knew online... What they didn't know was I never even thought or worried over that... the plane was my fear but Connie got me through that. So many ladies have touched my life in so many ways.  Many don't even know what that card, message or call did for me.  I am truly Blessed!  I hope we find something to continue our love as a group of women with a passion for life and sharing it with each other.  I love you ladies.

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Aw, sweetie. I'll be here for a long time to come, if people will still have me. I think about the site all the time, and all the wonderful people I've met. There have been ups and downs and I'll take it all if it means I get to hang out with people like you, Laura.

Life is ups and downs but true friendships are lasting! How long do you think the site will be around?

I feel the same.  I'm so glad I got to go last year and so glad to have met you.  Keep hangin' in there, hon.

I loved my week last year. It was turly a dream come true. Lets always stay connected. OWG brought us together but the bond doesn't stop when the saga does!

I'm glad I found this site and this group. I still share it with other "Older Women" I meet that are fans.

I think anyone who had found our site has gained so much not just a site, lasting friends.

If there is never another 'Twilight' related book, and with the movies coming to a close, there is one thing I know for sure...the group of women here at the OWG are forever!! I will be a forever fan of Twilight but even when the discussions of upcoming movies fade I will still be here to talk, chat, support, love and pray for all of my 'sisters' here at the OWG. I too was in a low place around the time I found Twilight and the OWG. My life has been through some major changes since first joining this group and the support and love that filtered from all of you was part of what got me to the happy place I am now. I love sharing my life with each and every one of you and hope to do so from here on out.

I was unable to go to Forks last year and was almost unable to go this year but I was blessed with a change in circumstance that will allow me to attend. I am so excited and can't wait to meet and hug the sisters I have yet to see face to face, and to hug those I have met before but have sincerely missed since our last meeting.

The OWG will always be my second home!

Me too!

I've said this many times before but will say it again here. I too, was in a very dark place when I found Twilight and OWG.. Who would have ever thought I would find such happiness. My heart was broken awhile back when I thought my sisters lost their trust and love for me. I almost left but just couldn't. I'm glad I stayed. My life would be very empty without the wonderful women I have grown to love in this group.You mean so much to me you don't even know. I'm blessed to have you in my life.

                                      Your sister in Twilight,


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I love you Sis!

You are truly loved and never never think of leaving. Troubles may come but we will pull through. We will band together with our sisterhood love!

Please make sure to take lots of pics and post to share with us not going. I know it will be the best time of your life.


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