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Our firiends in the Breaking Down discussion group had this pictures I thouhgt were owsome!!!!!!

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Wow Dakota Fanning doesn't even look like herself.
I thought so too! Is that really her?
they look so good
isnt that ALEC actor from that movie Birth w/ Nicole Kidman?!
they all look freaky - I LOVE IT!
That's really cool! I love it. Didn't even recognize Dakota at all. And the guy playing Caius is way hotter in person.

Thanks for posting Gloria.
Thank you so much for that - the pics are fantastic and the typo in the title had me cracking up!! I'm often accused of Breaking Down due to my Twilight obsession!!

They scare me and that's just the pics of them, what will I be like at the cinema? Obviously hiding under my seat in between the crying because he left and the sobbing when they are reunited. My hubby will love me by the end of the evening - he'll be sitting a few rows away I should think!
Ha! Too bad you and I couldn't sit together and put the guys a row or so ahead 'cause I'll be the same! They could then comiserate together over their insane wives!
they kinds creep me out alittle ..........good job guys! LOL
All blood thristy vampires........waiting for us!
Whoah this is great! I was a little worried that these actors would look too young, but they did a great job. Dakota looks fabulous!
great visual...
Come on November !!
They all look so good. :) I cant wait to see it come to life.


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