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Ladies ~ we all know how difficult it is to read other books after the Saga. Let's help one another by having a place to talk about other books/stories/fan fiction.

Let's Talk about what we are reading...want to read...

Let's Talk about Fan Fiction we love and suggest Fan Fiction to others.

(If FanFiction is not PG - please keep your comments PG)

I will post a pretty Picture...when I can! 





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okay Black Dagger Brotherhood.............thought i'd share .. I sent my friends a copy of book one ( i managed to get a job lot from a discount book shop and shared a couple of spare copies) ..........My friend T texted me to say she'd got her book on Saturday ..........text said ......

thank you for the book, wonderful surprise.. you know when I need some me things not good at the moment...think I'll start it tonight..

and then Sunday 9.30 am

you are officially our book chooser.. I am on chapter 31 and don't want to get out of bed until i'm finished

Sunday 11.45am

finished it was thanks

..can I borrow the next one ...sooooooon
Hee hee! I agree with her! I just finished the newest one in the series and I was so heartbroken about being finished that I started all over again with the first one in the series!
Here here, love the series, and I think I've read the Dark Lover 3 times now, and the others twice, although I've yet to read the last couple as I had to wait for them to come in the post. But they are fantastic! Infact my mum has read them and I've rec'd them to alot of the girls on one of the other groups, and now they're all reading them! LOL!
Just finished book #5 of the Vampire Academy series. Absolutely love it! Three friends and I are reading it together and we all are dying for the final book to come out in December. I haven't been this excited about a series since Twilight. Vampire Academy is a very close 2nd as far as I am concerned. In the meantime I'm reading the Sookie Stackhouse series.
OMG Patti!! I read Spirit Bound the day it came out and I am soooooo mad i have to wait until December for the last book. I am so team Adrian BUT I know they aren't going to allow them to stay together :( I am going to inbox you later on. I been waiting to find someone to talk about the VA series with :)

Pattie can i suggest the Chicagoland Vampire series. You will LOVE IT. Some Girls Bite and Friday Nite Bites by Chloe Neill are the only 2 books out the 3rd book comes out in July and I can NOT wait.
absolutely Shannon ............I read the Chicagoland book after you recommended it and started the book club, read the first bought the second and will definitely buy the third...
That's good to know! I bought a book that the clerk at Border's recommended (Blue Bloods) and just couldn't read it -- too young for me I think -- so I gave it to a friend at work. But Dimitri - O.M.G. - I am SO hoping that Adrian is not the Last Sacrifice. I hope he spills over into the next spin-off series...

Thank you again - my next series will be Chicagoland!
OMG if Adrian is the last sacrifice that will hurt me to my very core :*(
Thanks for the info shannon. I just may wait until this series is fininshed to start reading. I have the 1st 5 in papaerback. If i love this will be hard to wait on the last book!
I am 1/2 way thur FRIDAY NIGHT Bites and you are right! I LOVE IT!
I am reading Brisinger, third book of Eragon, I love dragons. I plan to get the third book of the Codex Alera, dragons also, what can I say.


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