The Twilight Saga

I just wondered what corner of the world you are all from ? Nosy aren't I ;-) xx

I'm from Manchester, England.

I'm also trying to grasp the time difference we are all posting on, its 12.54 pm here.

Faith x

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Hi, I'm from North Carolina, USA.
I love how there are so many people from around the world on here.
It's just so cool.
It's 8:36 am here.
Have a nice day!!!
I'm from the Fresno area of California, USA. I'ts 5:50am and I have to start getting ready for work. Ever since I joined this group the first thing I do after getting my coffee is check this site, so needless to say I'm almost late every day. You guys are so awesome and I love getting a little Rob fix to start my day, although i must say it does make it harder to stay focused at work.
Melbourne Australia 2300 (11pm) Monday. I'm at work about to finish in an hour.
I live here in Saint Augustine, FL time right now 9:05 am Monday 7-13-09. (:-)
I am in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This group seems like lots of fun. I haven't joined in any discussions just yet but the pictures are great. So many creative women here.
Hi Faith, I'm from a tiny, tiny town in east Texas called Forest. It's out in the middle of nowhere, I love it!
It's 8:30 a.m. on a sunny Monday morning.
If you come to the DFW area let me know I am always up to meet new people
I am from Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, USA.
That is in the Pittsburgh suburbs.
It is 9:29 in the
Hola.... that is Hi......I am from Baja, México right in the border with the US and we have Californias time 6:30 AM, nice to meet you all lovely ladies from all over.....
Hi Faith...I'm in Dallas,Tx...Hey ladies i have missed you guys.
SMW - are going to the TwiTour here in Dallas at the end of the month? A group of us OWG'ers are meeting Thur night - 7/30 at the piano bar of the hotel, Sheraton Dallas Hotel. Here's the link to the conference:

PM me if you're interested.....
8:47 a.m. in Tulsa Oklahoma - aka Green Country! Having dinner tonight with an old friend from Dallas. I can't wait!


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