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I know this has been done in a past post and I have been trying to pick up where everyone is from but well my mind doesn't function as well as it use too.  So if you girls don't mind can we please tell each other where we are from again?  I might need to make travel plans and come visiting .... lol   I'll start I'm from Benton Arkansas, small town south of the big city of Little Rock.  



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No I haven't see that one. I'm going to have to watch it because I love Patrick Swayze. 


OMG!!!!!!!!  You have to see this movie!!! It is and 80s classic.  Had to go buy it myself and my son loves it!!!  I promise a must see!!!!  Go get it ..... is something for ya..... he is soooo hot in this movie, Keanu plays Johnny Utah.  Have you read Patrick Swayze's book?  Very good!!! 

Oh my gosh, he is beautiful. They both are actually.  I'm going to go get it when the hubby gets home. :) Can't wait to see it. 


Oh, and I haven't read his book. That is another thing I'm going to go get. :)

YAY!!  Tell me what you think afterwards!!! 

great movie!
Chels???? did you watch the movie last night??
Hi Jennifer I am replying here Because I am from West Valley City Utah. It is so cool to have some here from Utah. Doing the happy dance a sister so close,
If you ever decide to go to Europe you are very welcomed..... You can drop by in Bosnia, little country close to Italy :D

If I ever get to Italy, I would think I have died and gone to Heaven..... I want to travel so bad and Italy is the top of my list!!! :)


Hi Jennifer, I am from Davison Michigan, just outside of the beatiful metropolis of Flint (that's a joke). I have been to Italy and if you ever go you will never be the same.  It IS everything you think it would be and more. Vatican City made me cry. 


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