The Twilight Saga

 Us wolves must be united to one mind,soul,and body.Together we can conquer anything! I am Marianne,i'm your Alpha.Please join us.



1.Your Wolf Name:

2.Your Mate(if any):

3.Your Age:

4.Your Wolf History:

5.Your Personality:

6.Are you a lone Wolf stopping by?Or are you ready to commit to a pack?:



  My Form,Ex.

1.Nikkie Silver

2.Daniel Meinrath,for those who dont know 

3.I grew up in Greensboro,N.C..As I turned 14,I everything changed.I found I was able to turn to a wolf.My mom said the gene's been lost for generations.I was in unknown denial for months.Then I met him.I was running in the forest,then comes an male wolf at my side.He heard me.Thats how I met Daniel.We both thought we were the last of our 'species'.Even when we found others,We've never seperated.

4.17(not really)

5.I love to hang out and meet new people,but my family stays in the pack.Beware though, I tend to be insane.

6.I will commit to a pack,But I Am the Alpha.

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what do you mean?


what's the form to join?


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