The Twilight Saga

says an unfamiliar voice. You look around in panic, not quite knowing what is going on. Then, as you turn back around in the right direction, you see a woman standing before you. She smiles gently and says, "Your calling has been by the BloodMoon." You ask what is this "BloodMoon", and the woman chuckles. "Come with me, and soon you will discover..." Oddly, you follow the woman even though you are aware that you shouldn't be doing so. And as she walked you through the forest, she halts. "Here is your new home," is all she says. Before you, out of no where, a mansion begins to glitter into a dark existence. Your eyes widen, but somehow you know this is where you are meant to be.

"What's the meaning of all of this, then?"
You ask in pure, utter curiousity. She smiled and responds simply, "before now your true being has never been awakened, never have been touched. Today, your fate has brought you to me. Where I have lead you to your destiny where you are meant to be. A family that is truly yours." Most of the kids who had came here, no who had been lead here, had lived in lives that weren't considered at best. Finally, here at this dark mansion, they could finally feel safe and together with someone.

"Here, let me introduce myself, your new family, and show you to your room,"
says the girl fondly. She leads you down the hall, and stops at a door. "Here it is. We have been expecting you for awhile, so I truly hope that it suits you," she said, smiling as she looked at you. Once she was sure you had settled in she said, "My name is Tagia, and this is my coven. Everyone here is different, but in one way we are all the same. And that is the fact that we are all different. We will protect you wil our lives, and forever we all shall be."

"Welcome to the coven"
Please fill in the following form. The words italisized shall give you extra info on that portion of the form. REMOVE THAT PART OF THE FORM (italisized part) when making your form. Thank you.
Name:Obviously, this is the name of your character. First and Last, middle if possible.
Gender:Obviously, their gender
Species:What they are. i.e. vampyre, werewolf, shifter, demon, ect.
PB:To whom is playing the character
Appearance:What the character looks like

Now that you have seen into the clan, please feel free to join. Remember your position within the clan. If you would like further information on rankings, please contact me!

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Name: Tagia Kyleen Brandonson
Age: 17/unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Goddessa (half goddess and other unknown species. ONLY 1)

Extra: Leader of the coven.
PB: Anna

(*sighs* I can't find a better pic. I'll make a girl tommorow...)

Name:Gabriel Alexander Jackson

 Age:looks 20. Is unsure of age, but was alive during Ancient Egypt and Greece time.











Can I join? :O
Of course! Anyone may join. (:
*taps chin* Mmm....*thinks of new idea for a charracter.*

Name: Nicholas Angels Moretti
Age: Eighteen / Twothousand-Fivehundered Years
Gender: Gender
Species: Arrancar (Hollow)
PB: Hunter

I am hoping to perhaps start this, it seems with my hiatus nothing happened!

Name: Scarlett

Age: 17/ unknown
Gender: Female

Species: Vampire/Werewolf/Fallen Angle
PB: E> HorseRacing <3
Appearance: Pitch black hair and ice blue eyes. Tall, skinny, and has a long torso. Tan-ish skin color.

Vampire werewolf hybrids are impossible to be created. Furthermore, it would have to be a nephilim hybrid, then, if it were to be a hybrid considering the fact that fallen angels are unborn creatures.

Name:Michael Alexander Raphael (Middle and last name he gave himself when he fell)

Age:Looks 20, but his actual age is unkown. He was kicked out of heaven a very long time ago, way before Ancient Greek settlers created their city-states.

PB:James ~The Fire Wolf Alpha~

That's as close as I could find that looked like him. -_-






i can try to find you a closer one if you want


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