The Twilight Saga

Hello and welcome to the icepack. So very glad that you could join us! 

This is where we will be roleplaying the pack. 
If you interested in joining, go to this discussion:
Above discussion also holds information on the ranks and the rules of the pack.

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Yuki walked slowly, glancing back everyone once and awhile to see what her pack was doing. Her long tail dragging through the freezing snow. The snow crunched beneath her strong paws, and the ice wind blew her fur in every direction. It didn't take very long to make it back to the den, either. She stopped at the entrance and let all of the others come in as she waited for Azriel, needing to speak with him.

Leaf followed alongside Colby, her tail still swishing in excitement.

Azriel was the last to enter, his shoulders covered in white from the snow. He stopped and shook it off, hsi black fur becoming fully black again. He blinked and looked over to see Yuki. He went over to her with a curios expression, wondering why she hadn't entered yet.

Yuki looked over as she saw that Azriel was here. "I couldn't help but note your delay. I would like you to know that if you feel uncomfortable sleeping with the pack tonight, there is a den a little to the west of here that once served as the den for the pack before it had grown so large," she explained, offering it to him if he wanted it.

Azriel's face softened, touched by this offer. "I've struggled through worse. I can handle a night of sleeping with others for once." He smiled, his black fur standing out against the white background of the snowy place.

Yuki smirked and joked, "Hopefully it won't be too much of a struggle." She rolled her silver eyes, turning them up toward the sky quietly. She began thinking of the old tales and legends of her ancestor Midnight and her mate IceHeart. She sat down, wrapping her tail around her paws.

A laugh escaped Azriel before he choked it down and looked away, back into the snowy night. He took a deep breath and let it out, his breath visible on the night air. His golden eyes closed and memories bombarded him.

Yuki's eyes remained outside. She blinked for awhile, keeping her eyes to the sky now. She was tired and exhausted, on the verge of giving up. Being alpha was difficult. Of course she had her cousin, but that was it. She sighed quietly, quivering once.

IceSoul's ears perked and he jumped to his feet to trot over to stand by Azriel and Yuki. "Sky is beautiful tonight." He muttered, his blue eyes half closed as his handsome white fur ruffled in the wind, looking very much like IceHeart had.


Azriel's ears twitched to indicate he'd heard him and sighed, shaking his head. He could hear yawns and the playful barks of some still wide awake pups and he gave a soft chuckle. He knew he'd miss the life of a loner, but this wasn't so bad. It almost felt as though he had a family again.


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