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Hello and welcome to the icepack. So very glad that you could join us! 

This is where we will be roleplaying the pack. 
If you interested in joining, go to this discussion:
Above discussion also holds information on the ranks and the rules of the pack.

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Yuki wandered through the territory. Her silver eyes glowed in the light of the morning, the same of that of her ancestor, Midnight. This land that she walked upon, coloured white with the glory of snow, was once the land of the holy MayRain. She looked back and forth, and finally her eyes rested on the blue sky above her. She closed her eyes, letting the wind blow through her fur. She turned, trotting back towards the den where the pack had slept for so many generations.


She walked inside, looking around at the rest of the pack. "Today is the anniversary of our beginning," she murmured to herself.

"Welcome back, Yuki," Asa said as she walked forward, dipping her head to the Alpha. She sat down, wrapping her thin red and black tails over her paws. "Is there any news from the surrounding packs?" she asked, tilting her head to the side and blinking twice.


Yuki shook her head. "No news this moon, Asa," Yuki told her solemnly. "Perhaps there will be some news next moon," she added, her eyes reflecting happiness. "Today, though, we must celebrate. For today is the today our great ancestor, Midnight, had founded a pack in this land."

"We are going to have a celebration, of course!" Yuki responded, happiness in her eyes. She knew that Midnight would have been proud if she were still around, but now she walked the path of MayRain's territory. She wagged her tail, showing her excitement.


Asa watched Yuki, the alpha, with happiness glinting in her eyes. "We shall go to the Cliff of Auras tonight," she added.

Yuki nodded. "Of course, all of the pack get to come if they wish," she said, silver eyes light with happiness. She wagged her tail behind her, unable to hide her excitement.

IceSoul yawned and stretched within the back of the den. He blinked the sleep out of his eyes and he looked at the others curiosly. "What's going on?" He yawned again. He was as large as IceHeart, his grandfather, if not a little wider from muscles. His blue eyes were as light as the sky and just as warm and friendly.


Azriel entered the territory carefully, his black fur ruffling in the chilly wind. His nose flared as he caught scents and he stopped as he entered, waiting for another to come.

Yuki looked over at IceSoul. "Have you already forgotten?" she asked, chuckling. "Today is the anniversary of the day our pack had been created, and saved from the BloodPack," she said, nodding her head lightly.
IceSoul chuckled. "Midnight and IceHeart would be proud." He nodded his head. He'd heard storys past on from the older wolves within the pack, who'd been told by their ancestors and so on.

Kyra, the grand daughter of Amaya (who was Midnight's daughter), stood up. "Yes, they would be very proud," she responded with a nod. She walked over to where Yuki and the rest of the wolves now stood. She sat down, wrapping her fluffy tail over her paws. Only about two moons now until she would be forced into becoming an elder of the pack. She was Yuki's mother, and that made her proud. She looked over her daughter and said, "Surely, you are just as strong as Midnight was." She glanced toward IceSoul and said, "And you having as much courage as IceHeart had."


If wolves could blush, Yuki would have. She looked down embarassed, and then she looked back up at her mother with gladness. "Thank you, Kyra," she said, nodding her head.

IceSoul felt his heart swell in pride, but he was wise enough not to allow pride to go to the head. "I wish I could have more adventure though..." IceSoul always wanted an adventure. Normal pack life of chasing off strays just wasn't enough for him. Others had often found him pacing along the pack territory, as though in a trance. He wanted adventure, but he felt a pull from the land that wouldn't let him leave. He would not dissapoint his grandparents.


Azriel waited at the pack border and sniffed the air again, making sure that this was a pack land. He guessed they were proably in the den. He let his head go back and he howld, the sound sounding strong and wild, intoxicating. The large black male paced there, unknowing if this pack was friendly or not.

Yuki looked up. "A rogue," she said, silver eyes narrowing. She shook her fur, standing up on all four paws. She sighed, calling four of her best warriors, including IceSoul, to go with her to investigate. "We will return soon enough for the celebration... Kyra, pleast take over while I am gone," she said with a slight nod.


Immediately afterward, she began to sprint toward where she had heard the howl at the edge of her territory.

Kyra chuckled. "Soon, Colby, I assure you," she told him, touching his shoulder comfortingly with the end of her tail. "Just a few days now until you are six moons old. You should know well enough by now, that is the time you are to be apprenticed."

IceSoul followed Yuki, his ears pinned back and every once in a while his teeth showed. The other wolves followed him and Yuki untill they came upon a large black wolf.


Azriel was in a relaxed stance, somthing he learned put other at ease when around him. With his size and scars others tended to not trust him. His golden eyes watched them curiosly. "Hello." His voice came out soft and velvety, in a way you'd expect the shadows to sound if they could talk.


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