The Twilight Saga

Hello, and welcome to The Ice Pack. We are a group of wolves that stick together no matter what. Together we create a family that cannot be broken, a bond that cannot be untied. Our paws touch the land of the snow, and the spirits dance across the sky of the northern lights.

Are you afraid of the frostbite?



 1.You must have the biggest respect towards ranks higher than you. These ranks are what help make the decisions regarding the pack, and help you become what you will become. They have the duties of making large decisions, and possibly demoting you, too. So always remain on your best behavior.

2. When a pup becomes 6 moons old, they are required to become an apprentice. When becoming an apprentice, this is when they will begin learning the ways of the rank they will become. An apprentice will get a mentor from that rank.

3. All "high council" wolves are required to attend all meetings possible. Each meeting will be held on the first Saturday of each month.

4. Do not request to become apart of the HighCounciL. No wolves actually know about the HighCouncil, unless they are apart of it. You cannot stumble upon the meeting grounds of the HighCouncil, it is hidden.

5. Do not request to be a high rank. High ranks are the most respected, and trusted members of the pack. If the alpha feels it necessary, you may be promoted. Therefore, do not request promotions. Also, when signing up, do not ask for a high rank, either.

6. This is not werewolves. We are being real wolves in this RP.



When joining include your name, age (in moons and seasons. moons=months, seasons=years), wanted rank (REQUIRED), and appearance.





The First(alpha) -Most highest rank there is within' the pack. Their word is law. Must follow their rule, or else suffer the consequences. Has the power to veto any decisions within' the pack.



The Second(Beta)-Is the second highest rank within' the pack. They also have the power to make decisions. If you disobey them, it is almost as bad as disobeying the alpha.


The Third(delta)-Is the third highest rank within' the pack. They can make minor decisions within' the pack.


HighHealer(Shaman)-This is the highest healer within' the pack. You must listen to what they tell you when it comes to medical advice. Not even the High Ranks may object to their orders.

Asa (M)


Elders-Older members of the pack. They have been through much, and know many of the stories of the pack. Also watch over the pups, very trusted.


Warriors-The highest rank a wolf can receive (besides the ones above this). These wolves and the healers are of the same equivalent. These wolves are able to become mentors. Usually choose their own things to do, unless told otherwise by the high ranks.


Healers-The highest rank a wolf can receive (besides the ones above this). These wolves and the warriors are of the same equivalent. These wolves are able to become mentors because they have trained under the HighHealer. Usually choose their own things to do, unless told otherwise by the HighHealer.

Seekers(Scouts)-These wolves tend to run the borders, and look for any wolves that may wish to join the pack. They are very trusted, and also eligible to carry messages for the HighRanks.


Hunters/Fighters-Find the food for the pack, and also run the borders..


Queens-Female wolves that are nursing, or have had pups.


Apprentices-These are wolves that are no longer pups, but they aren't a specific rank yet. They have a mentor, and are learning from them on how to do actions of higher ranks. These wolves are older than 6 moons old.


Pups-The youngest members of the pack. Must always be with a Queen or Elder. They are not allowed to start to train until they are six moons old.


Other-Wolves that don't specifically have a rank. They are wolves that do various things. They're like little followers.


LowLifes(Omegas)-Lowest rank within' the pack. They have been put into this rank as a punishment.



These are "elite" members of the pack. They help make decisions, allies, and declare wars. Whatever happens within' the council meetings, stays within' the council meetings. Only few get in, and in order to get into the council you must be accepted in by a unanimous vote.






Roleplay here:

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Kuro(M)-3 sesons and 2 moons, warrior

Yuki smiles at the wolf. "Welcome to the pack!" she says welcomingly.
Rose(F)- 1 season and 0 moons, pup
If she were still a pup, she would have to be under 6 moons. (: 6 moons - 14 moons is apprentice.

ok well here is a new one

Jade(F)- 5 moons, pup

Welcome to the pack, both of you! :D
hey imma joinin so gimme a sec...feels good to be back on the site!

name- shadow star

age- 5 seasons, 2 moons

wanted rank- healer (high healer if thats okay)


Accepted. (:

Asa is actually the high healer. c:

We could start at any time, actually. (:

*gasp!* Anna! *tackles* I can't find your website. XC Oooohh! I also made my own site, but it's a wolf rp called The BlackSoul pack!!!! =3



5 seasons, and 3 moons.

IceHeart would be dead by now. XDXDXD

The territory they're in is where the snow pack used to be, so it's years upon years in the future. :3


I'll message you the link


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