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The name says it all. There's one only rule, follow rules and ask persons if you want them to be your mate/imprint.


Alpha Male: Sasha

Alpha Female: Kaleh

Beta Male:

Beta Female: Mia

Delta Male: Zorion ( future)

Delta Female:

Gama Male:

Gama Female:









Played by:



Name: Alexandra or Sasha

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Rank: Alpha Female

Personality: Sasha is hot tempered, easily to get mad over things she really don't like. But other then that she is protective over persons she love.

History: Sasha and Kaleh are brother and sister who escaped after their family was killed. While Kaleh is responsible, keep his temper in check, Sasha has problems with calming down her temper. So Kaleh is some sort of a father figure for her. Even though she finds him annoying nad hates been in his shadow , she cares a lot about him.

Crush: Sasha

Played by: Bella and Crew


Name: Kaleh

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Rank: Alpha Male

Personality: While Sasha is not much under control, he can easily control his temper when he gets really mad. He is loving, carring, protective, but very shy and keeps putting walls around himself because once in time he was hurted and doesn't want to be there again.

History: Kaleh and Sasha are brother and sister who escaped after their family was killed. While Sasha has problems with calming down her tempe, Kaleh is responsible, keep his temper in check, . So Kaleh is some sort of a father figure for her. Even though he finds her annoying and hates the fact he has to look after her, he cares about her very much.

Crush: Mia

Played by: Bella and Crew


Name: Mia Koda Blazedale (Mia or Koda)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Rank: Beta Female

Personality: Protective and can be grumpy, but would give her life for the pack. She hates to see anyone hurting, so Kaleh's wall's bother her because she wants to fix the pain she sees, but doesn't want to push anything on him. She loves her son more than anything in the world.

History: Her father was a wolf, but her father was a tiger, so she's gotten both forms and passed them on to her son. Her mate was killed before her son was born and she joined the New Moon Pack to make sure her son had someone in case something happened to her.

Crush: Kaleh?

Played by: Nissa


Name: Zorion Blazedale (Rion)

Age: a few months

Gender: male

Rank: future Delta Male

Personality: just like any pup, wants to play and fight and bite everything he sees. But he knows someone's missing (his father), but not who it is.

History: Doesn't really have a history yet, but he sticks by his mom 24/7 unless she has to go hunting to make sure she doesn't go anywhere.

Crush: none . . .

Played by: Nissa



animal forms:




Rank:Gamma (fourth in command)


History:To be revealed. ^^


Played by:Firewolf

Looks: (I don't have any pictures with me on this computer...) Tall, darkly handsome, black hair, tanned skin, lightly muscled, deep blue eyes.

Wolf form: An unusualy large black wolf. His eyes remain the same blue.

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Mia: I tilted my head. "Where'd that come from?" Rion tried to run away from my side. Normally I wouldn't care and would just watch him, but i was on a patrol, so I didn't want him going to far away. I ran to him, picked him up by the neck gently, and went back over to kaleh, setting Rion down. "Now quit trying to run off. Sorry, Kaleh. You were saying?"

James sighed as he walked out of the restroom after taking a shower. He wore nothing but some black shorts and was topless as he dried out his black hair. He tossed the towel back into the restroom and trudged down the stairs, his eyes halfway closed out of being tired. He hadn't slept most of the week, having refused to until he knew everything was fine, which was pretty much never. He looked through the fridge and just grabbed a orange and pilled it over the trash before sitting down at the table and started eating it, feeling more awake the more he sat there.

( If you agree Sasha and James can know each other)

Sasha phases back into her human form and started making her way towards James's house. When she got there she knocked gently two times and waited for him to open. She figured out that he is at home.

Kaleh looked at her and said," I am sorry if I am sometimes rude." He called out after her. He ran along with her when she grabbed her son. He smiled slightly at little boy and then he looked at her.

(Sure. Hey you wanna start rping at bloodrace too? My sister's site.)


James growled grumpily before putting the orange back onto the table and went to the front door, thinking it was a sales person that'd suposedly found his house again. He opened his mouth to tell them to go away when he opened it to reveal Sasha. "Hello." He knew he should've added 'Alpha' after that, or anything else, but at the moment he didn't care he was so tired.

Sasha leans against door frame and looked at him smilling." I haven't see you today on patroling." She whispered as she looked at him. Thogh he is beautiful and gorgeous, she knew she will fall for him easily." Tomorrow is your turn to patrol, and I'll patrol with you." She said.

( Oh sure!!! )

James sighed, taking a deep breath then nodded, really not having any other choice. She was the alpha. He turned to walk back into his house, leaving the door open as an invitation for her to enter.

Name~ Primrose ( Rose)

Age~ 16

Gender~ Female

Rank~ Delta Female

Personality~ To be revealed

Past~ Left in a street to die. Her mom was a teenager and couldn't take care of her. She practically raised herself.

Crush~ James??

Played by~ Falling skies

Looks~ Human and wolf









Name: Scarlett

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Rank: Gema female

Personality: Head strong but can be nice. (Alot like Leah's personality... mixed with Rosalies)

History: She was half starved when five. Her mother died soon before, hence forth why her father hated her so much.


Played by: E> HorseRacing <3


Her wolf form is a black body and the outlining of her face. Her snout, forehead, front paws, jaw, and throat is white.

Her wolf pic:

@ Falling Skies no anime pic please.

Name: Azia

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Rank: Gamma female

Personality: Azia is a very over protective wolf, even to new people shes meets. She is always careful and a little bit jumpy around larger wolves ( even if she is kinda big for a wolf) Shes one of the more outgoing type people but her anger issues make her hard to make happy. Although she is very warm and kind she has sort of a dark side most people never see.

History: she has a long boring past that involves a lot of death, gore, and of course murder that she doesn't like to speak of.

Crush: no one really

Played by: ♪Azia♪™


Animal form:


Name: Detox

Age: 18

Gender: male

Rank: Doesn't Matter

Personality: He hasn't spoken to anyone since the death of his mate and two daughters. He has a very kind heart and helps everyone he can in any way he can. He is super protective of his pack. He would do anything to for the people around him and doesn't care what it will cost him. He is loyal and is good at making others happy.

History: His mate and two daughters were murdered by vicious evil wolves. he wander the world trying to find them and found Azia instead. She reminded him of his first born daughter Charlie. They have been closer than siblings ever since. The only the he has left to remember his family by is a small leather bracelet his 2 year old daughter Lillian made him. He hasn't ever taken it off. 

Crush: he has liked Sasha since they had first meet but, never had the guts to talk to her ( well..sorta talk lol )

Played by: ♪Azia♪™


Animal form:

Name:Mystic Monroe



Rank:Doesn't matter

Personality:She is very outgoing and very talkative doesn't know how to be quiet sometimes.Is very loyal,protective,and loving towards her brother and those she cares about.

History:Hasn't talked since her abd her brother were kicked out of their last pack for being considered weak at the age of 13.After that they became a rogue until they stumbled upon this pack.They hopes to find someone who can love them for themselves and not for what they are.

Crush:Detox(knows that he could never like her back)

Played by:Rayne Purdy


Animal Form:




Rank:Doesn't matter

Personality:Is shy and timid until he gets to know you looks up to his big sister since she looks out for him.Once he gets to know you better he is loyal,protective,and loving towards you at all times.

History:Hasn't talked since him and his sister were kicked out of their last pack for being considered weak at the age of 13.After that they became a rogue until they stumbled upon this pack.They hopes to find someone who can love them for themselves and not for what they are.

Crush:Azia(knows that she could never like him back)

Played by:Rayne Purdy


Animal Form:


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