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The name says it all. There's one only rule, follow rules and ask persons if you want them to be your mate/imprint.


Alpha Male: Sasha

Alpha Female: Kaleh

Beta Male:

Beta Female: Mia

Delta Male: Zorion ( future)

Delta Female:

Gama Male:

Gama Female:









Played by:



Name: Alexandra or Sasha

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Rank: Alpha Female

Personality: Sasha is hot tempered, easily to get mad over things she really don't like. But other then that she is protective over persons she love.

History: Sasha and Kaleh are brother and sister who escaped after their family was killed. While Kaleh is responsible, keep his temper in check, Sasha has problems with calming down her temper. So Kaleh is some sort of a father figure for her. Even though she finds him annoying nad hates been in his shadow , she cares a lot about him.

Crush: Sasha

Played by: Bella and Crew


Name: Kaleh

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Rank: Alpha Male

Personality: While Sasha is not much under control, he can easily control his temper when he gets really mad. He is loving, carring, protective, but very shy and keeps putting walls around himself because once in time he was hurted and doesn't want to be there again.

History: Kaleh and Sasha are brother and sister who escaped after their family was killed. While Sasha has problems with calming down her tempe, Kaleh is responsible, keep his temper in check, . So Kaleh is some sort of a father figure for her. Even though he finds her annoying and hates the fact he has to look after her, he cares about her very much.

Crush: Mia

Played by: Bella and Crew


Name: Mia Koda Blazedale (Mia or Koda)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Rank: Beta Female

Personality: Protective and can be grumpy, but would give her life for the pack. She hates to see anyone hurting, so Kaleh's wall's bother her because she wants to fix the pain she sees, but doesn't want to push anything on him. She loves her son more than anything in the world.

History: Her father was a wolf, but her father was a tiger, so she's gotten both forms and passed them on to her son. Her mate was killed before her son was born and she joined the New Moon Pack to make sure her son had someone in case something happened to her.

Crush: Kaleh?

Played by: Nissa


Name: Zorion Blazedale (Rion)

Age: a few months

Gender: male

Rank: future Delta Male

Personality: just like any pup, wants to play and fight and bite everything he sees. But he knows someone's missing (his father), but not who it is.

History: Doesn't really have a history yet, but he sticks by his mom 24/7 unless she has to go hunting to make sure she doesn't go anywhere.

Crush: none . . .

Played by: Nissa



animal forms:




Rank:Gamma (fourth in command)


History:To be revealed. ^^


Played by:Firewolf

Looks: (I don't have any pictures with me on this computer...) Tall, darkly handsome, black hair, tanned skin, lightly muscled, deep blue eyes.

Wolf form: An unusualy large black wolf. His eyes remain the same blue.

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His name is supposed to say Matthew Monroe

Azia pranced around in wolf form mumbling nonsense about how pretty it was today. She glanced behind her to she Detox staring at something she rolled her eyes and kept walking.

Detox was doing his best to ignoring Azia and her constant talk of the weather. He stopped and looked around noticing a few nice things about this place. His eyes lead him to another a few paces away. He caught Azia rolling her eyes out of the corner of his own eyes. He quickly looked away as the other meet his glance and started after Azia

Mystic was running around a meadow with matt and saw that he was frozen in one spot than she saw what he was looking at and looked at the other wolves that were walking through.


Matt was running with Mystic around a big beautiful meadow when he saw two wolves passing through.He froze to the spot and was unable to move since he was scared that they were going to ask them to leave the meadow.

Azia noticed Mystic and Matt and approached them happily "hiya" she nodded and stepped a little closer felling Detox right behind her she smacked him with her tail and moved him out in the open.

Detox followed closely behind Azia and slightly hid behind her. He sighed and stepped aside and looked at Mystic with a short smile.

Mystic took one look at the male wolf and shyly smiled back than looked at the wolf named Azia.She answered *hello* back and was watching her brother with the new wolves since she new that other wolves still scared him a little bit after what happened to them.


Matt just stood there and looked at the female wolf not able to take his eyes off of her.He shyly said"Hello"back to her but stayed behind Mystic a little bit since he was scared of them a little bit.

Azia smiled and looked at Matt with kind eyes answer sat down wrapping her tail around her. she looked back to Mystic and looked at the sky "it looks as it might rain soon" she looked back to matt and stood up "would either of you like to go hunting before the rain?"

Detox sat down at stared at the sky. when he looked down he saw Mystic's eye gleaming towards him he smiled at her and thought to himself 'she has pretty eyes' He layed down next to Azia with his head on his paws and noticed Matt staring at Azia he laughed a little to himself and closed his eyes slowly listening to all there
(( Sorry I took so long Went to GA for a few))

Mystic sat down as well and wrapped her tail around her and looked at Detox with her eyes gleaming thinking to herself'he has beautiful eyes I wonder what he looks like in human form'She looks at Azia and smiles"We would love to go hunting with you and I am sorry for being in your territory."She stands up and waits for Matt to stand up as well.

Matt lays down quietly and patiently waits for Mystic and Azia to finish talking.He starts thinking to himself'she is so beautiful I bet she is more beautiful in human form.'He see Mystic stand back up standing there waiting on him.She tells him through their mind link that they are going hunting with Azia and Detox before it starts to rain.


Azia smiles and nods "what ares is yours now" she gave matt a quick smile "try to keep up" her smile widened as she turned and sprinted towards the woods. She wanted Matt to run beside her but she was doubtful about him doing that. She put her nose towards the ground and started tracking the sent of a buck.

Detox stood as soon as Azia said keep up. He nodded to Mystic and trotted slowy in Azias direction swaying his tail slowy behind him he paced himself & waited on the others. Looking back towards them he smiled noticing how pretty Mystic was as soon as her eyes meet his he darted his eyes and head down if he was in human form he would be blushing.
Mystic looked up and saw that Detox was looking at her before he turned his head.She decided to run beside him.She liked him alot but she didn't know if her felt the same as she did.She hoped that he did.She thought that he had handsome eyes that she coulds stare into all day.

Matt ran beside Azia since he wanted to be as close to as he possible could be.Since he really liked her alot and he just met her.But he knew how Mystic felt about Detox and knew she understood where he was coming from.

Azia smiled and continued on her path towards the buck. she could hear him eating grass just over a small hill. As soon as she spotted it her body froze and crouched she leaned her body back and shot towards the buck aim her sharp teeth at the animals throat

Detox started to run with Mystic as they got closer to Azia he crouched down behind her his body tensed a little as he lunged himself forward at the large animal


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