The Twilight Saga

plz read this and comment:

do you know who betty white is?have you heard of this?
I saw on a site in the internet:

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Actress Betty White is proof that you can never say never. Her career has seen the rejuvenation of a lifetime. Ever since those crazy kids at facebook decided to bring Betty White back to popular consciousness she's been on everything between Saturday Night Live and even starred on a new show 'Hot In Cleveland'. Now, even Robert Pattinson wants Betty White in the next installment of Twilight: Breaking Dawn. In a recent interview with E! News, Robert Pattinson says:

"Definitely. She can be the baby.”

Even Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett in the series suggests that Betty White should play the daughter of Edward and Bella:

“Oh, my gosh. I love Betty. I would love for them to do what they did in Benjamin Button with her and she can be Renesmee. I would change some scenes up so we could have Jacob and Emmet going for her. I want to work with her. That would be so much fun.”

SMH! Betty White playing a teenager's kid?
this is not a article a just made up if you want search for DimeWars you'll see it there
Lol that would be hilarious
find a pic and post it!!! and send it 2 me
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would b so cool.
yeah and funny!!!

Ew. NO!!! NO WAY!!!


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