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Fading Dusk (book in Renesmee's POV, con'ted of Breaking Dawn) U will <3 it!!!

Fading Dusk

Nothing happens on accident, by chance, out of luck, or by coincidence. There is a reason for every existence, every action, every emotion, and every love. No matter when it begins, or when it ends, or how it grows, and how each being feels, love is love, and nothing can be compared to that.
Thoughts cannot express how one feels in love, it is too much to grasp. With love there are certain sacrifices, each being must make. But when the love controls your life, your actions, and it is your only emotion, the love can only grow stronger.
As soon as a relationship begins, it becomes your main concern. As each being feels more comfortable and trusting with the other, the seed of love begins to sprout. Love makes the relationship strive; it is the sunlight of a plant. Each person must keep loving that person and love that person with their whole heart. Every love is different, but everyone wants love, needs love; and once you find love; your life revolves around that love.
Love is something most people find, but not many people can find the love I have, werewolf love.
Chapter 1
I could hear my mother discuss the issue of moving to my dad, the concern in her voice was so clear; I could imagine her brows burrowed, jaw locked, and her mouth forming a hard, pressed line. “Renesmee is growing up to fast; lets’ take her where she can start over, make new friends. For goodness sakes Edward, she has no friends! I just feel as if I am making her suffer. I want her to be content; she needs some interaction with people! We are keeping her at home too much. Renesmee needs a normal life! Edward, can’t you see she doesn’t fit in? She is left alone, the only human she knows is Charlie, Sue, and Billy! Edward, I need to see her normal, she wants that, I feel it.” My mother stated in her perfect, ringing voice. “Bella love, you have to see that she isn’t normal, she never will be. This is why we have to stay here. You know we can’t separate her from Jacob. And Charlie would be devastated. She is perfect, and although she may not encounter many humans, we know she is being loved—“No Edward, that is my point, she needs friends, human friends. What if she only knew vampires and werewolves all her life? Think of the pain of being alone would be to her.” Mom sighed whole-heartedly. As I walked into our small den, the stone fireplace lit, with my reflection visible in the flickering flames, the silence grew over a few seconds as my parents exchange d worried glances. “Renesmee dear, how much of our conversation did you overhear?” Mom said in an uncomfortably calm tone. “Enough to know that you want to move, because you think I am unhappy with my life, and I heard enough to say that you are completely wrong.” I heard my own, soprano, beautiful voice says with no hesitation. “I’m glad that you feel that way, love.” Dad said thrilled that once again mom had been so wrong. I flashed a huge smile as I bent over to hold my mom; to reassure her that I was content. In her face I read relief, I was glad. Mom gently pulled me tighter, and then she gracefully swung me onto her lap. “Mom, I’m almost 15, I’m not a little girl anymore.” I said with some sarcasm hidden beneath the fluent voice I spoke. “Oh really? ‘Cause last time I checked you were 3 and ½. Hmm, I must have missed something.”
Mom teased playfully. “Well, last time I checked, I was in the 8th grade.” I said tauntingly back. “Huh, think of that Edward, our little girl has grown up so fast, she has the manners of an adult, the mind of an adult, and not to forget; she is as gorgeous as her father.” “And don’t forget the most beautiful eyes in the world, by which her mother gave to her.” My dad stated as her swung us both into a cradle, “Come on dad, put us down…” I said embarrassed. He slowly released me, and kissed me on the forehead, “’Night kid, love you.” “’Night dad, ‘night mom! Love you!” I said as I bounded joyfully to my bedroom. I twisted around cautiously, and caught a glimpse of my parents kissing. “Wish that could be me and Jacob…” I whispered silently to myself. Suddenly I hoped that they would sometime see that I am growing up, and that I should be aloud to start seeing Jacob, like on a date, not just around our house or yard, I needed to get away so I could really talk to him. I wanted to start kissing, but I was afraid that my parents wouldn’t approve. Poor Jacob, he couldn’t help that he loved me, and my mom; she put so much pain and hurt upon him, until she truly forgives him; I don’t know if Jacob and I can be together. I want to share the love Alice and Jasper have together, like Emmett and Rosalie, like Carlisle and Esme, like my mom and dad. I felt so left out, I wanted to be part of Jacob, I didn’t want him to have to wait for me to grow up, and I wanted to be wi th Jacob, forever.

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that is so cool!
omg i am in love with story please continue
thnx u 2! i still need mor feedback to con't tho, so if you read it, comment plz! thnx!
i will post chapter 2 soon as i finish it, wait and see!
Chapter 2

I was practicing the harp when my father came in, “Renesmee love, your playing is truly beautiful, mind if I join you?” He sat down on the piano and began to pick up the slow dance of my favorite song. His fingers glided in sync with mine, the music blending with rhythm and harmony. My mother walked and started to hum the notes to our duet. Esme also poked in, glad to see her son playing again, and sighed of relief. I felt the vibrations bounce of my soundboard and swim silently through the air, the sound was a perfect collage of chords, all connected and lingering on the strings. I glanced over to my father; he was smiling at me, a proud grin spread across his face. He quickly took advantage of my distraction and added a new combination as competition to outdo him. I plucked a couple of new chords, knowing that they would fit in like glue, and started to seek new accompaniments. As the song came to an outstanding conclusion, we both grinned at each other, feeling the bond growing stronger as we both listened to the very last notes slowly fade into a whisper of silent sound waves.
We went back to our little house to have some alone time with each other, as it was a little crowded in the main house. “Mom, dad, can I talk to you about something?” I asked as we entered our small, mahogany wood door. “Sure honey, what is troubling you?” My mom, the sensitive side coming out, answered. “Well you know, since I am growing so fast, well, and I am slowing down, can I start like, you know, going out with Jacob, in public?” I stammered out, finally, I felt the weight lift off my shoulders. “Hmm, well are you sure, because he is still too old for you, you know. And I don’t know if you are ready for a relationship right now honey. We did sign you up for school this semester; you will have a lot on your mind.” She quickly made an excuse; she didn’t want me to see Jacob, because “I wasn’t ready for him yet”. But I looked to my dad for a more reasonable answer, one that would allow me to go out with Jacob. “Bella, she is going into 8th grade, she will need some support, and they will end up together anyway, why make them wait? Jacob would never hurt her, and it is time she had some alone time with him.” Thank you, finally an answer that would suit me; and how would mom argue that? She couldn’t. Now I just need to call Jacob. “Thanks dad, I’ll be back in a minute, I got to go study if I’m going to school this year.” I yelled as I bounded to my room. I flipped open my phone and hit speed dial. “Jacob?” “Yes, are you okay?” “Ya, I am fine, just one thing I wanted to ask you, umm… do you want to go to the beach sometime, to like, you know, hang out or something?” I paused, waiting for a response. “Sure, La Push? I’ll pick you up at 1:00 tomorrow, sound good?” “Sounds great!” “Oh, and do your parents know about this, or should I be in hiding?” “You're so funny Jacob, haha, and yes, they know about it.” “Ok, see you then!” He hung up, and I stared silently out the window, and looked into the trees. I realized I was going on my first date! I was so excited, but then I was scared. What do you do on a date? What do I talk about? I glanced around, making sure I was alone; so I could wander off.
I kicked off my hot pink high heels and dress that Aunt Alice dolled me up in this morning, and I threw on some athletic shorts, muddy running shoes, and a plain blue t-shirt. I laughed to my self, “If Aunt Alice saw me she would go ballistic!” As I launched myself out on the window, I checked for Uncle Emmett or Uncle Jasper hunting in the woods. Nothing. With that; I raced off into the depth of the woods. I concentrated on my heart beat, my footsteps; hollow, like the morbid oaks surrounding me. I focused on my breath; shallow like the pebbles beneath the river’s steady current. I felt the breeze twist my curls around each other, knotting them, tangling each strand of blonde locks within another. I slowed my pace as I came upon a small clearing. It was dim and shadowed. The light swam through the canopy of the trees overhead. Purple and blue blossoms revealed themselves in the streams of light, as it began to flood into the beautiful meadow. A few trees held blossoms of white and pink, the grass was moist with tiny dew drops. One tree in particular caught my eye, it was there; on a low, hollow branch, split like the fork of a snake’s tongue, sat a shallow bowl of twigs. A nearby chirp came from the branch, and another from behind. I began to feel the small meadow teeming with life. I laid there for a while, just dreaming, wondering, searching for answers, and examining the peaceful scenery.
As I glided through the forest, I stopped at the main house, hearing Aunt Alice’s’ voice in the other room. I came into the living room, eyeing my family and flashing a smile their way; and casually came to Aunt Alice. “Aunt Alice, can I talk to you about something?” “She whipped around, meeting my gaze, “Sure thing, Cupcake! What do you need?” “Well, it is about Jacob, I need help, can you tell me what is about to happen?” I asked eagerly. “Nessie, you know that it is hard for me to see your future, but I will try.” I stepped back, trying to clear my prescence from her train of though. She closed her eyes, and strained her face. She scrunched up her face, still searching for me, but she saw nothing. “Nessie, I’m sorry, I can’t see anything, but is there something else I can do for you? Answer a question, you want to talk?” She said sorrowfully. “Yes, there is something else you can help me with. I will be seeing Jacob today, soon actually, and I want to know what to expect, how to act…you know?” Before Alice could answer, Uncle Emmett boomed out laughing. I gave him a warning glare. “Rose, Nessie needs some pointers from the Queen of Dates…I can help you too.” Aunt Alice replied with a huge beam. We walked up to her room, and sat down on the couch, (there were no beds) and started to talk, “First of all, you need to be yourself, try not to act shy, and break any silences. Start conversations off with something you both know about, and don’t tell a long story.” Aunt Rose explained to me, “And don’t disagree with anything, and if an uncomfortable topic rises, change the subject. Really a date is just like hanging out with a friend, but you’re with a guy. Don’t be afraid, just be yourself and have fun!” Rose commented again. I heard a set of two tires on the highway; Jacob was almost here. “He is almost here, thank you guys so much! Love you! Bye!” I yelled as I ran out the door. I sped over to my house and pulled on some better looking clothes, “Bye mom, Bye dad, love you!” I said, trailing out the house. Just as I stepped onto the front porch, he pulled in, “Hi Nessie, wow. You look great, you ready to go?” “Yup, all set!” He tossed me a helmet and set me on his Rabbit. We peeled out of the woods and were on the highway in seconds.
We walked down to La Push beach and started talking about the low population of Forks, and current world events. "So, you are going to school this year? Edward told me you weren’t so thrilled.” “Ya, but I can get away from the house for once.” I smiled. “And maybe meet some friends.” “Anyway, I was wondering, you know, since we are destined for eternity together,” Jacob emphasized the destined part, “that we shouldn’t wait; I mean; why slow what will happen anyway?” I shook my head in agreement and said, “So what are we waiting for?” I smiled as he held my hand and lead me to the side of a rock. He gently laid my back against the damp, cool rock and leaned in closer. He looked me straight in my eyes and exclaimed, “I love you, Nessie.” He wrapped his enormous hands around my face and bent down to kiss me. I stretched up on my tip toes and slung my arms around his neck. I realize really how tall he was, and I tried to reach him, but I couldn't. He removed his hands from my face and picked me up to his height. As I started to lean into the kiss, I began to feel my breath quicken and heart beat faster, I felt the adrenaline rush through my veins. This felt so right, and I began to just go with my instinct. His lips brushed against mine at first; it was soft and slow, but then the kiss became stronger. I felt his sweet lips crush against mine, and I suddenly craved for more. So happy and so right, I couldn’t stop. He pushed my curls away from my face and stopped so I could catch my breath. I stared into his big brown eyes, and I could begin to see a reflection in his eyes, at first I thought it was me, but as I looked closer, she was older, she had no curls, her eyes were crimson gold; she was my mother.
this is too good!
plzzzz say u will continue..? :)
Hi, ooooomy goodness, this is really good....Please don't stop, we need part 3.
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Hope you enjoy chapter 2! let me know what u think!!! thnx!
That was Awesome!
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