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If Charlie and Renee we're vampires, who would be the better grandparents Charlie and Renee or Carlisle and Esme?

Probaly Carlisle and Esme

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I think Carlise and Esme, because their closer to Edward & Bella and Charlie is more shy. Esme would be the best i would say.
I Agree With Cyndi Carlise & Esme Wold Be Best!
Charlie, because hes awesome and he adores Renesmee.
i think that Carlisle & Esme wuld b bettr!
carlise and esme

Um...CARLISLE AND ESME!!! They are freaking awesome! I don't very much like Bellas parents. :P But im sure they would be good grandparent, just not nearly as good as Carlisle and Esme. :)

i think charlie and renee' becuase charlie is frickin' HILARIOUS and his mustache' RULES and renee' is NORMAL


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