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So, we all know how Jake imprinted on Renesmee. Do you think she will really really love him when she gets older,the kind of love that Bella and Edward share? Its really weird to think about that...haha.

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I would love it if Stephenie Meyer would write Renesmee and Jacob's story for her next book. I was team Edward during Twilight but I never really hated Jake. I just didn't want Bella to end up with him. So now that Jacob has found someone he wants to love and it doesn't come between Edward and Bella's love i am very happy for him and I want to see how renesmee and Jacob's love will grow in a story of their own. I think Stephenie can make that story very cool because if you remember, when Edward was reading the mind of the male halfbreed that Alice brought for evidence to the Volturi, he said that Jake may have some competition. And I think that will make for a great story line, and this time most people will be ruiting for Jake and everyone knows it so be nice to Jake because if she makes that story, you know that you are going to have to love him, weather you want to or not because Stephenie is going to write it, so that he is irresistible. ha ha that's just my idea though...
oh yeah i want to see that too...maybe the halfbreed Nahuel will want to win her over....but i root for jacob to win...he already lost bella and it wouldn't be fair for him to lose renesmee either
Well i say it's cute! :)
I'm ALREADY in love with Jacob. Just not really in that way... but I'm sure it will be sometime.
-♦Ѓeŋeςмee Cųℓℓeŋ♦™
i think she will love eclipse when jake is explaining the imprint thing to Bella, he tells her its difficult to ignore all the love and maybe renesmee will end up loving him...if bella and edward are happy for renesmee, then i am too
i aree its weird
i think she will love him
Uh, ya. Really, I beleive, not that they're so different that they could never get along, but that their differences is what completes each other. Besides, in Breaking Dawn, there's that one part where Nessie jumps into Jake's arms, and they move simutaniously, like what Edward and Bella do. They totally belong together. <3
I'm not going to like jacob like mommy and daddy love each other but i will like him like abig bro {im a lil rebal like mommy}
I think that Renesmee will indeed love Jacob, just as Bella loves Edward, because Jacob would be the perfect match with her. He is already part of the Cullen family, and Jacob is exactly what Renesmee needs.
i think it is cool weird at rhe same time. Because now jacob related to bella now like she alwased wish. i think it is cool how jacob imprinted on a half vampire because ever scince he became a wolf hs always talks about how he hates vampires ecspecially the cullens.


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