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So, we all know how Jake imprinted on Renesmee. Do you think she will really really love him when she gets older,the kind of love that Bella and Edward share? Its really weird to think about that...haha.

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I'm not so sure....she already calls him "her Jacob" so why not? I just can't picture a vampire child "WITH" its enemy for life a werewolf.....ha ha ha is right.
Oh yeah I know. It's really weird to think about that, because she will "grow" so rapidly, and when she looks like she is 23, in reality she will probably only be 8 or 9. And, it would also be weird to read about that, or think about that because we all know her as baby Renesme, Bella and Edward's daughter. It would be really weird to me. Haha.-Kristen
I Don't Really Think So,
But It Could Happen....
Maybe She Will Love Him Like She Would
Love Her Big Brother.
I Just Can't See A Half Vampire Child
Going To Marrie A
I Think That Would Be So Werid!
Yeah, haha I think a lot of people probably feel that way. But I mean, Renesme is his imprint,so he is always going to love her, I think. Maybe it will work out for them in the end, somehow. (Happy V-Day people) xD-Kristen
I loved how in Breaking Dawn how Bella totally went 4 Jacob's neck after he imprinted on renesmee.
I guess they will jst have 2 be 2gether
Yeah, I had about the same reaction to Jake imprinting on her as Bella did. Haha, it really was a shocker,at that moment, but then you think about it for a while and it all comes together. And you think "Why didn't I put two and two together sooner???" Cause now that I think about it, that, in my opinion, is probably why Alice couldn't see the baby in Bella's womb.... Because Jake hadn't imprinted on her yet, but then when he saw her he did. and so therefore her future is 'blank' to Alice.xD -Kristen
First of all, I hate Jacob even more cuz he had the nerve to imprint on Bella's(and Edward's) baby! I don't think Reneesme will love Jacob, I think she will be a little rebel like her mommy.
Yeah, I can see how this could affect some people, like I said above, it shocked me. I did not like it at first, but then it settled in. It doesn't bother me anymore, because it's not like he is being a 'perve' about it or anything. He loves her as a sister for now, and who knows, maybe he will always just love her as that and nothing more. But I think in some ways its not such a bad outcome, because that leaves Bella and Edward 'at peace'. Think about it, I mean she can still see her best friend, and know that he isn't resenting it because he is in love with her. And, at the same time she will always know that Renesmee will be safe with a big wolf looking out for her, haha. Also that Jacob doesn't have to suffer when he is around Bella. It probably doesn't hurt him anymore. xD - Kristen
Thanks, yeah it is quite interesting. I just didn't know if I was the only one wondering about that or not. Haha. :) I think it might just be meant to be. Imprinting isn't for nothing. xD- Kristen
I think they will
its kind of weird to think of them that way
its just kind of hard to see them together
you know a vampire with a werewolf
Yeah that is true, but also think of something else not 'normal' :A vampire with a human. And not just any human, but a human that smells better than any scent known to man or creature. But yet, he still loves her, and wants to be with her. So who knows, maybe it won't be that hard of a challenge for The little half-vamp and wolf. xD -Kristen
mmmmm she is half human hal vampire , so vampires have only one unconditional really love, their love is unique so when she said "her jacob" is her really love XP


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