The Twilight Saga

Who Do You Think Renesmee Should Go With

Jacob Black Or Nahuel

I Think Jacob Because He Imprinted On Her.

Nahuel Maybe Because They Are Both Half Human And Vampire.

NOTE: Nahuel Came From The Amazon To Help Alice And The Cullens From Being Destroyed By The Volturi.

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i dont really know cuase they dont talk much about nahuel and when he is with them he is like soo stocker looking at bella and nessie all the time that scares!!! and jacob is allways there for here.....................
but really i dont know who could get along better with nessie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think we need more books to know this hahahahaha lol!!
Why would Nessie go with Nahuel???
They don't talk enough about Nahuel so I don't know if she should go with him.....
im not a big fan of jacob but i tink she should go w/ him....jacob

Mmm...never even thoght of that...I had always thought of Nessie and Jacob being together.

But I think Nahuel would be really interesting. :) I choose Nahuel.

It would be a very big surprize and unexpected. :) Everyone thinks her and Jake...this changes things. ;D Love it!!!


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